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391 Webcomics

Wednesday 7

 https://tapastic.com/series/Wednesday7 All Merc Jenkins wanted to do was move to the city, find a job, and get ahead. However, when involuntarily fusing souls with a demon, developing a presumptuous and sarcastic alter ego with superhuman speed, being tracked by most of the police, entering the demon backdrop of both the city's elite and criminal syndicates, all while trying to have a normal facade, get the girl of his dreams, and pay his rent, his...

October 14th, 2016 0 0%

Leave your worries behind with some good belly laughs at the expense of the people at Whomp! If you love looking at talking heads duscussing subtle relationship faux pas drawn in MSPaint, this is not the comic for you.

William Feist : Paranormal Investigator

William Feist Paranormal Investigator is an ongoing series about the least likable guy you’ve ever met being the only one who can solve your problem. Naturally attuned to magic, William Feist, and his partner, Rae Parker take Paranormal cases out of their New York City office.  Explore a mysterious world full of magic, werewolves, ghosts, and the undead. What will you find?

Witchcraft Street

Beginning in Paris in World War Two, this early adventure starring Charlotte Corday by veteran British comic artist Keith Page finds Charlotte's father, Jean, embroiled in magic and mystery... and destined for a very strange fate! The multiverse-spanning adventurer Charlotte Corday has featured in numerous published adventures from Time Bomb Comics and Print Media Productions.


Madness! Method free... Started as a strip-comedy series (originally inspired by Gary Larson)... as I continued to work on it I expanded to multi-panel strips and eventually started writing short vignettes including the Secret Lives of Klingons and Nerdgasm. Since April 2015 I've been working on a continuous story about a mid...


Humorous web comic strips guaranteed to make you laugh, or chuckle, or at least make a weird noise through your nostrils. I upload a comic strip every 4 days, and a blog post every month.

XII: Of Magic and Muses

Willow lives in a mundane and heavily restricted school, outside of her control events trigger which cause her to quietly uncover a fantastical device. Slowly her secrets begin to cascade destroying the walls built around her. But was the device sent by friend or foe?

January 17th, 2017 0 0%

 The ultimate in geek humour, XKCD has been making jokes about PERL programming language, Cory Doctorow and heartbreak since 2005. It describes itself as a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”, suffers from something of an obsession with the velociraptors out of Jurassic Park, and may be the only cartoon in the world that features The Grim Reaper playing Dungeons & Dragons against Gary Gygax (“RIP, Gary&rdquo...

Ye Mighty

Forgotten Gods, dangerous histories and the horror of windless days lurk within these pages. Welcome to Ye Mighty - a webcomic experience.

YIn + Yangster

Single panel gag cartoons drawn by Laura Yang, Canadian-born Chinese math teacher and mom. Comics are based from Laura's varied eclectic experiences or bizarre imagination. Guaranteed to at least make you chuckle, or your money back! :D

Zombie Ranch

 Meet Susannah Zane. She’s a rancher. She raises livestock.Only thing is, her stock isn’t technically “live”.The Great Zombie Plague wiped out a fair portion of civilization, and humans weren’t the only victims of its ravenous hunger. But that was years ago, and where cattle, pigs, and sheep got scarce, practical sorts found a new herd to market: the zombies themselves!Now a crew has come out to film a new reality television series on the ...

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