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164 Webcomics

Tut and Groan

A mainly wordplay focused webcomic with an occasional sprinkling of comic strips, opinion pieces and political satire. Curated by a bloke who can't draw.

December 19th, 2016 0 0%
Two Guys and Guy

Two Guys and Guy is a status-quo Gag-A-Day strip written and drawn by Rickard Jonasson. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the strip brings you into the lives of Frank, Wayne and Guy, a group of friends which best is described as “less than perfect people”.

Up to 4 Players

Two Israeli gamers who live in London, trying to play as many games as they can. Occasionaly mocking (lovingly!) some aspect of the gaming culture.

January 20th, 2015 0 0%
Vampire High School

 An absurdist webcomic about sucking blood & hittin' the snooze button! VHS is a creepy-cute webcomic about two best friends and their silly day-to-day scenarios. If you wish Halloween was every day, subscribe to Vampire High School! 

Vegan Dad

Vegan Dad is a serial comic strip about a man who has remarried, doubled the size of his family, started a business in a small town and juggles all aspects of being a happy, healthy adult member of the sandwich generation in the American Midwest.


Leave your worries behind with some good belly laughs at the expense of the people at Whomp! If you love looking at talking heads duscussing subtle relationship faux pas drawn in MSPaint, this is not the comic for you.

William Feist : Paranormal Investigator

William Feist Paranormal Investigator is an ongoing series about the least likable guy you’ve ever met being the only one who can solve your problem. Naturally attuned to magic, William Feist, and his partner, Rae Parker take Paranormal cases out of their New York City office.  Explore a mysterious world full of magic, werewolves, ghosts, and the undead. What will you find?


Madness! Method free... Started as a strip-comedy series (originally inspired by Gary Larson)... as I continued to work on it I expanded to multi-panel strips and eventually started writing short vignettes including the Secret Lives of Klingons and Nerdgasm. Since April 2015 I've been working on a continuous story about a mid...


Humorous web comic strips guaranteed to make you laugh, or chuckle, or at least make a weird noise through your nostrils. I upload a comic strip every 4 days, and a blog post every month.


 The ultimate in geek humour, XKCD has been making jokes about PERL programming language, Cory Doctorow and heartbreak since 2005. It describes itself as a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”, suffers from something of an obsession with the velociraptors out of Jurassic Park, and may be the only cartoon in the world that features The Grim Reaper playing Dungeons & Dragons against Gary Gygax (“RIP, Gary&rdquo...

YIn + Yangster

Single panel gag cartoons drawn by Laura Yang, Canadian-born Chinese math teacher and mom. Comics are based from Laura's varied eclectic experiences or bizarre imagination. Guaranteed to at least make you chuckle, or your money back! :D

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