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391 Webcomics

Up to 4 Players

Two Israeli gamers who live in London, trying to play as many games as they can. Occasionaly mocking (lovingly!) some aspect of the gaming culture.

January 20th, 2015 0 0%
Utopia City

A futuristic City where heroes and villains are chosen as surrogates to settle the cosmic level disagreements between gods. Normal people tend to get caught in the middle, one man has decided to change this.Updates Wednesday and Fridays.

Vampire High School

 An absurdist webcomic about sucking blood & hittin' the snooze button! VHS is a creepy-cute webcomic about two best friends and their silly day-to-day scenarios. If you wish Halloween was every day, subscribe to Vampire High School! 

Vegan Dad

Vegan Dad is a serial comic strip about a man who has remarried, doubled the size of his family, started a business in a small town and juggles all aspects of being a happy, healthy adult member of the sandwich generation in the American Midwest.


Velocidad is 'Bikers in Spaaaaaaace!"-Crazy space jockeys straddling glorified rocket-engines pulling off incredible space heists throughout the solar system in a far flung future.Set Generations from now, earth has drifted away from the sun. much of the planet has been gutted for resources. The remaining populace work the planet or work for SPE-Corp. The rest of the settled planets are under a similar condition, slowly beingsiphoned of their minerals and resources. The Sol ...


VICTORY is about a Superhero  who started out as a sentiant msytical sword from another universe that somehow transformed into a man. with the Help of semi-retired superhero and his Niece, Victory will become one if the greatest heroes in the world... it the villians have anything to say about it.So, if you're a big fan of Classic yet modern superheroics and Multiversial Magic, then check out this webcomic!updates on monday, wednesday, and friday.

December 11th, 2014 0 0%

 Villain is a tale of revenge. Villain tells the story of Matthew Ford on his quest to destroy the heroes of Legend City. After a bank robbery goes wrong, the heroes have to make a choice; save a group of hostages or get the bad guy. The heroes’ choices and actions set off a chain of events that forever clenches their fate and gives birth to their nemesis. Matthew carves a blood soaked path through the heroes on his quest for revenge and therefore becomes the ultimate supervillain.

Void: The Guide to a Healthy Relationship

A party happy, night owl named Apollo tries to rekindle a broken friendship with a childhood friend whom he thought had been dead for years.  Learning how to be a responsible adult in the process as he, unintentionally, takes on the baggage this person carries.

September 1st, 2016 0 0%
War Between Dragons

 A human bard was bewitched and transformed into a draconian. Now He's traveling in many towns to undo his spell and recover his humanity with help of a mysterious draconian mage (Luigy), a pretty draconian girl (Mina) and a pervert but funny human blacksmith (Kasquel).


 Prepare yourself for a world like nothing you have ever seen. The time is the late nineteenth century. The United States of America have been shattered by a brutal revolution, and now the Confederate States have become a new republic, dedicated to slavery. The Kaiser Adolph the First has broken the British Empire, and now the German Empire has invaded Kongo and is taking anything it can get. German mines send tons of gold to the Kaiser while German raiders capture and sell thousands of pe...


 WaterFront is a story driven webcomic created by writer Richard Jonkman and artist Rudy Faber.A comic set in a world where civilisation, by necessity, primarly takes place on the ocean surface. Our story begins on “La Palazza”, a massive paddle wheeler that has seen better days and is home to a floating circus and its curious inhabitants. 

Weaker Sides

This is the story of Kyoko and Ashley and their fateful meeting on a gentle summer night. Hailing from Canada, Ashley Brooks moved to Apeldoorn, the Netherlands to become a nurse. He spends his free time gardening, tending to wounded woodland critters and drinking perhaps a bit too much. His peaceful life gets a firm dose of upheaval when he encounters a confused young lady on a quiet country road. The world takes on new shapes and colors as Ashley and Kyoko become part of each others lives, discoveri...

January 21st, 2016 0 0%
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