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Webcomics By Genre

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37 Webcomics


The ComicI am ARG! is a Mon to fri webcomic about the life of an animator in toronto. It's more exciting and Hyperbolized than this little box of words can describe. I am Arg is a semi autobiographical non sequitor humour strip filled to the brim with jokes about gaming, geek culture girls and Genitalia. check it out at http://www.IamARG.com/ The CreatorAndrew Gregoire is...

Izak Smells

Izak Smells is a variety show webcomic done by Becky Hunt, Kristof Haines and Izak Flash. The subject matter spans genres from Sci-fi to Fantasy to things happening in your garden. It's a mad house of scenarios. The comic updates three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


PvP, also known as Player vs Player, is a webcomic, written and drawn by Scott Kurtz since 1998. PVP is  web comic based around geek culture. that started off as a strip based around the employees of a gaming company.  With over 10 years under its belt, the strip still comes out five days a week and has even made its way to a printed comic series from Image Comics.


Hang out with Rory, Emily, TJ and Gideon as they make bad puns, follow their dreams, and try to grow up in a stupid, stupid world.


Scaredemy is a special academy for young ghouls, monsters, and magicians. Scaredemy, features an assortment of ooky characters attending monster school together. The protagonist of the story is a young sorcerer named Simon Fairwee. Simon’s only issue (outside of some general bullying), is the fact that he has yet to acquire his magical abilities. 


 Since it started, Sinfest has captured attention of many with its wit and humor. It is one of longest going web comics and the only one to feature GOD, the Devil, assorted degenerates, a cat and a dog. It will make you laugh until it hurts.  The primary characters are Slick, a Calvin-esque teenaged "pimp" who's always trying to look as cool as he can, and his hot friend Monique, who spends her days fighting for feminist causes when she isn't flirting with hot guys (...

Slightly comic, comic

Comic and ideas about anything and everything. My ideas come from dreams, tv, conversations, films and any popular culture I can get my hands on.

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