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83 Webcomics

Gifts of wandering ice

"Gifts of wandering ice" is a sci-fi story about post ice age era where ancient icebergs melt, travel with sea currents and bring curious things to the shores where people live. These things are called "gifts of wandering ice" and come from civilization long dead and forgotten. Some of them are useful, some are dangerous, some are even alive, and all they are pieces of one puzzle.

Gurral The Smasher

 Gurral the Smasher was genetically engineered to battle other kaiju for the sport of his masters, the Arena Lords.He’s good at his job.He has to be, or he won’t get the substance he’s addicted to; impervium dust.Read along as he takes on giant monsters of varied abilities for his daily fix. 

November 19th, 2015 0 0%

Hominids is a prehistoric action-adventure comic where Neanderthals are at the top of the food chain and humans are struggling to survive. The story follows a small pack of hunter/gatherer Neanderthals who stumble upon a sick human in their territory. They take him in, not knowing he'll change their lives forever!

Hunter - a Star Citizen comic

Hunter is a dark themed, fan fiction comic created by Adrian Nitisor, set in the Star Citizen universe. The comic is seen through the eyes of two brothers who choose different paths that occasionally intertwine as the story unfolds.

I, Mummy

 An impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. Our story occurs in a future based on predictions from the late 1800s—a future where everyone can fly and there’s no such thing as wi-fi. 

November 11th, 2014 0 0%
Infinity Spirit

 Stop what you are doing immediately and read this comic right now. Enter the interesting world of Infinity Spirit. It will make your day a whole lot better! 

November 23rd, 2017 0 0%

  KAMIKAZE In a post-apocalyptic future, feudal corporate houses hoard food and basic resources. A young freerunning* courier intent on escaping her city is unwittingly thrown into a life or death game of corporate sabotage from which she might never escape.Troubled nineteen-year-old Markesha Nin is a courier who uses her incredible freerunning skills to put food on the table for herself and her blind father, Toshi. When Markesha ...

Ker-Kyl's Watch

Sixth grade students Kermit Kylgore and Felix Lumkes didn’t think that middle school could get any more stressful. However, they are soon proven wrong when they discover a strange wrist-watch from the future that lets them travel to any point in time. With this watch, they are given a big responsibility: To travel through time to collect parts for a super-weapon in order to save help save the future, and ultimately the universe!

October 19th, 2016 0 0%
Monstrous Pulp

Monstrous Pulp is a place for all the most horrible things inside the twisted, collective psyche of our New God, Pop Culture.

December 16th, 2014 0 0%
Moon & Monster

A puddle comes from the Moon, lands in Spain. Dysfunctional American family on a trip to Europe. Moon is pissed.

November 7th, 2016 0 0%
More than pets

More than pets is a series of comics starring dogs , cats ... and humans who live with them.Its author, Pedro Cifuentes, is living in Burriana ( Spain ) and invites you to know how pets are there and Laugh a while. 

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