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Webcomics By Genre

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116 Webcomics


 Eramore is a comic strip that is about a few unlikely heroes on their misadventures to save the kingdom of Eramore.Synopsis: Chivalry is dead. The knights of Eramore were defeated long ago in the war against Lord Magnus. With King Richard in hiding, Magnus and his minions hold uncontested power over the land. Lord Magnus unearthed ancient technology, creating rigs to steal the world’s magical life force. As a result of his tampering, he has thrown off the balance of nat...


 Everblue is a story about adventure, camaraderie and exploration in a world with a potentially bleak fate.In a world of endless ocean, a young shipwright named Luna meets an odd and cheerful drifter when he crashes his flying boat on her city's dock. When strange circumstances force Luna to leave her home, her once quiet life quickly takes a turn for the unpredictable. In an instant she is swept up in an adventure that will take her beyond the bounds of the charted world and in...


An alchemist is ordered to the capital to help prepare the army, but is then tossed into a war between the gods. Follow the story of Sateran, minister of Alchemy in the Middelreich, who has to support the king in war, but then things get out of hand...


 In recent years, tensions have begun to grow between Midgard, the leading nation since the two devastating wars at the end of the First Age, and Cania, the home country of Ilias Oter and his friends. Ilias, though, finds politics to be not nearly as interesting as his classmate Lilith Caillean, a beautiful and amazingly talented young wizard. There is just something magical about her… As the students of the “Academy for Arcane Studies and Material Arts” face the first s...


Conan Renaud is a stablehand and that's all he ever wanted to be... Although he would also like to be filthy rich and married to his girlfriend, Lucie. His dreams of wealth look to be within reach when Din, a Magician, comes to him with a lot of gold, a sinister smile, and a deal: Guide me to Cymaria, the city of kings.Not entirely by choice, Conan takes the deal and finds an over-friendly assassin, a scathing daemon, and a young queen standing between him and his happy marriage. Worse...


GIRRION is a sweeping sci-fi fantasy story of a hero's journey in a distant world in a distant time. The saga is told through the eyes of Jarra, a poor factory worker who dreams of escaping his world of endless toil. His wish comes true, though not in a way he would have ever wanted, when his city is attacked by a dark entity called the Halodron. He escapes the conflict, but only to be thrust into a war of other-worldy magic and weaponry.  

Goober Glade

Goober Glade follows the adventures of a rather mismatched but strangely right questing party. Sent out to rescue the Princess of the Glade and maybe slay one of the many dragons infesting the lands, they find themselves in a series of strange cities and pastry ridden planes while defending the homeland.

Harpy Gee

Harpy is an adventurer who is traveling with her magical goblin cat, Pumpkin, when she breaks her sword fighting a gelatinous snail creature. She wanders into the town of Podunkello to find an item shop run by the chirpy witch doctor Opal and decides to stay, helping Opal run the shop. She quickly gets entangled with the cranky Prince Humphrey, and her warrior skills come in handy sooner than she expected.

Here After

Thanks to a mix up in paper work, Ryan Hamilton is trapped wandering around the celestial realms due to divine red tape. Luckily he's got an angel and a devil to help him get into plenty of mischief, as he runs into plenty of gods, spirits and legendary heroes along the way.  


About a witch and an imp who go from town to town to deal with the local magical nuisance.

Iron Crown

Diane Wiess thought being a dictatorʼs daughter was a rather cushy position, all things considered....until demons threatened the southern border of Chandera, and riots began to consume the rest. Anticipating retaliation against his misdeeds, her father strikes a deal with an equally infamous mercenary company - the Iron Crown Brigade. Their mission: escort Diane out of the crumbling country into the safe haven of the powerful Imperium, and protect her at all costs.The demon of war bound...

October 27th, 2017 0 0%

A fun and silly comic about an odd creature who was a prisoner, until the day a little BIRD slipped them a POSTCARD with an escape plan on it. They’re obsessed with finding the location pictured on the back, the TEMPLE OF DAISIES. By Ashley Davis.

Joan Conrad

Joan is a welfare officer to the weird and the wonderful. Joan helps those who aren't normal everyday humans deal with everday human life.

November 17th, 2014 0 0%
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