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Webcomics By Genre

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15 Webcomics


AH! PIE! is an absurdist webcomic by Laurel Green. It updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is absurd.

September 3rd, 2015 0 0%
Babes of Dongaria

In a grim, post apocalyptic future, sword and sorcery is reborn and three women travel across the broken world righting wrongs and battling evil. Also they have really huge dongs. Catch The heroic Babes of Dongaria smashing villains and crushing mad strange with their sweet lady dongs in this satirical fantasy spoof.  Check out Babes of Dongaria, today!

Bastard Galaxia

Join the battle where good and evil are meaningless and action figure sales are god.Go behind the scenes with one of the 80s greatest space villains as he tries to tread the line between villainy and marketability...


Consolers is a comic about personified game companies, showing you all the weird stuff going on in the game industry. Join Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and their friends in their misadventures through the gaming industry!


Miftees is a quirky comic that makes fun of characters from comic books, movies and TV shows. The special thing about this webcomic is that every comic is a single panel with no speech bubbles.


Ruthless corporations, fearless revolutionaries, clueless politicians... All these and more are the kinds of troubles that cynical gamer Ezra McEvans and his librarian buddy Jim Townsend have to put up with in the streets and suburbs of Neo-Westchester! Updates weekdays, check it out at www.neowestchester.com

On Top of the World

A comic about a guy you thought you knew. A darkish comedy that delves into answering questions you never wanted to know the answers to: What if Santa was a regular guy who's wife just left him? What if he had to deal with problems at work? What if Rudolph was his best friend?I consider "On Top of the World" as a day-in-the-life comic about one of the most famous people in popular culture that no one really knows anything about.

February 18th, 2016 0 0%
Scarecrow President

 Scarecrow President is the tale of a scarecrow brought to life by a crow in order to run for the US presidency in 2020.Each story is  told in 12 epigrammic panels in a journey through American culture, history and society as a naive scarecrow is brought up to speed by a crow who has already served as advisor to three presidents.Surfing on the disbelief and disillusion of Trump's victory, Scarecrow President is at once a satire, a buddy story and a modern epic as ele...

The Intrepid Girlbot

Girlbot lives in a big house in a world with no people, just forest critters and other robots. But she’s unique, and therefore, alone. She’s on a constant quest to be a “good girl,” whatever that really means. Despite living with a few other robotic companions, she’s still isolated and reaches out to others in her own awkward way.               Her latest attempts have been to make a ...


 The ultimate in geek humour, XKCD has been making jokes about PERL programming language, Cory Doctorow and heartbreak since 2005. It describes itself as a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”, suffers from something of an obsession with the velociraptors out of Jurassic Park, and may be the only cartoon in the world that features The Grim Reaper playing Dungeons & Dragons against Gary Gygax (“RIP, Gary&rdquo...

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