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Most Discussed Webcomics

Most Discussed Webcomics

The following is a list of the most discussed webcomics. This is based on how many users write a review or comment on a particular webcomic. You can use the advanced filter options below to narrow down to the webcomics that interest you.

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393 Webcomics

Doubting Thomas

This is a long-form serial comic about Thomas, who is recovering from a personal tragedy and struggling with depression and isolation. At the same time, a detective investigates a series of brutal deaths which the community believes are supernatural in origin.

Rot Town

ROT TOWN, THE AGE OF THE UNDEAD.22 years ago something bad happend to the world.  The Vile Genesis.  Plague and fire throttled the dominion of man and soon man ruled no more.  The world as we knew it drowned in its own vomit and rotted under the red sun.  However, things crawled out of the toxic slime and gave the middle finger to the crimson sky.  They claimed the wasted world as there own.  Over Two decades later, Rot Town thrives in pustular glo...


A mysterious woman never seems to leave the public park.  Local children are the only ones to notice her, however.  She never causes any harm, but speculations arise as to what her true purpose in being there is.

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