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Infinite - The Manga Inspired Journey!

This is the journey of Keio thrusted into a world he pretended never existed as the realms of Xoria have been soaked in war and bloodshed over power that was left behind by the great spirits. With his life now changed and his fate determined he now takes part in the journey of his life.

Join in the journey with me as we enter the world of Infinite!
Artist -
Beardorado(Inker/Finalzing Pages) : http://beardorado.deviantart.com/

Emptycicada (Cover-Co-Artist/Colorist) : http://uchihakagura1.deviantart.com/

SebasRd24(Sketching/Penciler) : http://sebasrd24.deviantart.com/ 

Concept Artist - Pechan : http://pechan.deviantart.com/


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Infinite The Journey was submitted by on 4/11/14. Its primary genre is Action/Adventure. This webcomic has received 1696 views and 263 people have visited the webcomic's site. There are currently 0 Members that have added this webcomic to their subscriptions list. View full stats.

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