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At the edge of the universe an enigmatic spiral galaxy floats in relative peace. Under the governance of the Universal Union it has enjoyed this state of being for over two thousand years since the evil Shelamian dominion ended. Once defeated every single Shelamian survivor was forced to return to their home planet. The planet was guarded by Universal Union Battle Cruisers. For hundreds of years any contact with the rest of the galaxy was completely forbidden.

However, the Shelamians started producing enviable technology and slowly but surely trade with other Star Systems resumed.


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EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE was submitted by a guest user on 9/12/14. Its primary genre is Science Fiction. This webcomic has received 1222 views and 247 people have visited the webcomic's site. There are currently 0 Members that have added this webcomic to their subscriptions list. View full stats.

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