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http://www.mothcity.com/ | Submitted By: A Guest (Claim this webcomic) | Genres: Crime/Noir , Horror

Governor McCaw is a man who has everything; a beautiful daughter, a mansion on a peak and a weapons deal with the army of Nationalist China. But when his chief scientist is murdered by a desperate worker, he becomes entangled in deadly intrigues that threaten everything he has built. McCaw must reveal those responsible before a strange plague empowers the populace and risks his fragile agreement with the largest military in the world. Nothing is as it seems, and he must make a decision between his family and his fiefdom before Moth City’s dark secret wipes it from the map.

Moth City is an online comic - a fresh take on the murder mystery that lives at the intersection of detective fiction, noir-horror and manhua comics. Readers can view Moth City online as it’s written, download eBooks and interact with creator Tim Gibson at www.facebook.com/MothCity

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Moth City was submitted by a guest user on 26/1/15. Its primary genre is Crime/Noir. This webcomic has received 1439 views and 256 people have visited the webcomic's site. There are currently 1 Members that have added this webcomic to their subscriptions list. View full stats.

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