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http://buttersafe.com/ | Submitted By: A Guest (Claim this webcomic) | Genres: Comedy , Slice-of-Life

Buttersafe is updated with a new comic every Tuesday and Thursday. These comics will have pictures and probably some words. Nothing else is guaranteed.


Each comic is lovingly handcrafted by one of these two men:

Raynato Castro (usually Tuesdays): Ray’s lifelong goal is to some day master the one-inch punch. He can perform the two-inch punch. However, the density of air and the distance of the earth from the sun limits its effectiveness in most practical cases (e.g. demolishing buildings, defeating claw-fisted drug lords, knocking on really big doors, aiding choking babies).

In the meantime, Ray spends his days at the foot of a waterfall, training.

Alex Culang (usually Thursdays): Alex is a rusty button.


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