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22 years ago something bad happend to the world.  The Vile Genesis.  Plague and fire throttled the dominion of man and soon man ruled no more.  The world as we knew it drowned in its own vomit and rotted under the red sun.  However, things crawled out of the toxic slime and gave the middle finger to the crimson sky.  They claimed the wasted world as there own.  Over Two decades later, Rot Town thrives in pustular glory.  The ruins quake under the pounding feet of the undead who rule the city streets.  The ghouls of the new age howl in glee, reveling in their vile existence.  The world turns to a new tune now, dictated by the will of the new dominate species.  Ghoul Kind, the age of the undead.  These are the story's from Rot Town.  The tales of the dooms dat scum.

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