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Dust bunnies usually are swept under the rug or found lurking under beds, but what do dust bunnies do all day?

Dust Bunny Mafia tells the tale of Leo, the Don’s family, and their adventures causing Mafia Mayhem across town. Whether it is conspiring plans against the Rats in town, the Rats conspiring against the Bunnies, or dealing with their troublesome money laundering crows, the Dust Bunny Mafia crew certainly have quite the adventures.

The Dust Bunny Mafia Comic explores the inner workings of and events relating to the lives of several lovable but dangerous dust bunnies. The Dust Bunny Mafia was formed directly after Leo worked his way to the top of the family. Once he earned the title, his allies got their restitution as esteemed members in his mafia family.


The major players in the DBM family are:

  • Jimmy the Nose, the quiet, observant informant.
  • Salvatore “Bolts” III, the big, lovable mechanic.
  • Vinnie the Mouth, the long-winded legal counsel.
  • Benny the naive bookie.
  • Frankie the Force, the intimidating muscle.
  • Vic the Lead, the smooth talking, cigar smoking, trigger-happy sharpshooter.
  • Leo, the arrogant, vain and yet endearing leader of the Dust Bunny Mafia.
  • Kenny the Crypt, greedy and diabolical master of technology.
  • Leadfoot Lucy, explosively endearing lead-foot driver of the DBM and love interest of Jimmy the Nose.

Some of the minor characters include:

  • Dino, ex-bookie of the Dust Bunny Mafia. He was a thieve among thieves, seen with the rats nowadays.
  • Mickey Potatoes, a dirty bird detective intent on stopping the Dust Bunny Mafia when it’s most profitable.
  • Rats, despicable creatures who seek to rid the town of dust bunnies at any cost.
  • Crows, allies of the dust bunnies who are in it for themselves and mutual enemy of the rats.

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