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DOC HOLLIDAY LIVES! Weird Western Webcomics! HOLLIDAY: MOUNTAIN MADNESS ,a weird psychotronic acid western comic of the further adventures of Doc Holliday!

One year after John Holliday is planted in the frozen earth, who is this wounded gunman seeking refuge in a remote mountain home? What shadowy figure bides it's time nearby while the very earth and air about it recoils in horror?

HOLLIDAY: MOUNTAIN MADNESS is an ongoing serialized graphic novel with western, weird, occult, steampunk and horror themes. A hallucinatory, psychotronic plunge into the world of the historic gunfighter, John Henry "Doc" Holliday- returned from the dead! 


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Holliday: Mountain Madness was submitted by on 19/8/14. Its primary genre is Western. This webcomic has received 1322 views and 262 people have visited the webcomic's site. There are currently 0 Members that have added this webcomic to their subscriptions list. View full stats.

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