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RnR Comics was born from the brains of Steve Petrucelli and James Merz, two of the co-hosts from the RetroNickRadio podcast.  The podcast was born from the idea that a group of guys that sit around and talk about videogames and stuff should record their antics and put it on the interwebs.  That led to us making a comic strip about the shenanigans that happens when we aren’t on the mic.

Steve is a part time photographer and full time engineer/geek.  The idea for the comic came from asking all of his extremely talented friends to help him make a comic because he can’t draw for crap, and then when they all told him to bugger off, he went with the premise of photo comics.

James, is a full time writer of things that are technical and helps out with some of the script writing for RnR Comics.  Personally we believe that his dog, Jack, does most of the writing and just puts James’s name on it.


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