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We use various techniques to rank webcomics. But at the heart of it all is how often visiors view a webcomic's profile page. The more people that view a webcomic's profile page, the more interesting we consider that webcomic to be. Another factor is a webcomic's popularity. The more people that visit a webcomic's website from its profile page, the more popular we consider that webcomic. Our webcomics algorithm logs every webcomic's profile visit as well as clicks to the webocmic's website. This information is then made public in the webcomic's stats page.



On the profile page of every webcomic, visitors can vote a webcomic up or down by clicking on either or . These votes are stored in our database and used by our algorithm to determine the most liked and the most disliked webcomics. Webcomics Hub members and non-members are allowed to vote a webcomic up or down. However, you can only vote once a day for any given webcomic. We use your computer's IP address to uniquely identify your computer and ensure that you can only vote once a day for a particular webcomic.


On any webcomic's profile page, there is the subscribe button , which allows any registered Webcomics Hub member to subscribe to that webcomic. Webcomic subscriptions are a great way to keep track of webcomics that interest you and to stay up to date on updates for these webcomics. There are no limits on how many webcomics that you can subscribe to but only registered Webcomics Hub members can subscribe to webcomics.


Love or hate a webcomic? Then here's your chance to let everyone konw! Share your thoughts and ask other member questions about a webcomic. Let everyone know what you love, hate, and want to see more of for any given webcomic. You can add comments about any webcomic on its profile page. Simply click on the icon to add your comment. There are no limits on how many comments you can add, but only registered Webcomics Hub members can write comments.


The Webcomics Hub recommendation tool allows you to randomly discover new webcomics by clicking on . The recommend button is located on the top-right corner of every page on Webcomics Hub. Every time that you click on the yellow recommend button, you will be introduced to a new webcomic. This is a great way to easily discover hundreds of online webcomics with the click of a button. You can try it out by clicking the recommend button below to start discovering new webcomics.


Webcomics Hub was created to be a community-based application. If you have comments, suggestions, feedback or anything else you feel we should do to make things more awesome, please let us know through our contact form, our Facebook page, Twitter or Google+.


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