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Mild-mannered lab assistant Heather Brown was forced to clean up the lab by her boss one night when, due to a Freak Lab Accident with a genetic infusion chamber, Heather gained the powers of a spider, including superstrength, shooting web out of her lower back (not her butt), and most prominently four extra arms. With these powers Heather decides to fight the forces of evil as the costumed superhero Spinnerette, while hiding her secret identity (and extra arms) from the citizens of Columbus, Ohio.


Spinnerette is not alone in her endeavors. Helping her out is her roommate Sahira, who acts as her Secret Keeper, seamstress, and voice of reason. There is also the local superhero team of Tiger, a huge superstrong man, and Mecha Maid, a power-armoured maid.

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Spinerette was submitted by a guest user on 27/2/14. Its primary genre is Anime. This webcomic has received 2925 views and 507 people have visited the webcomic's site. There are currently 2 Members that have added this webcomic to their subscriptions list. View full stats.

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