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Long ago, when the world was divided, a war was waged in the names of gods. From that conflict, several nations of man were united by the Goddess Amari. From the blood of Enorans, one of the human races, the Goddess created the Elves, the Kipira, and the Lamiak, and through their covenant with the Goddess, the Saltblood Barrier was erected. It was an unsurpassable defense—no enemy could cross the threshold of Saltblood and live—and so the newly founded Anocura knew a peace that would last for generations.

Just so long as the Elves continue to hold vigil over the Ark, of course.

It’s now the early 600’s. Racial tensions formed in the early days of cultural assimilation have not abated. Eliano Davrey, a fourteen year old Sworn Maiden from a respectable family, is considering joining a training phalanx. Unexpectedly, the Goddess Amari, who normally hibernates for years at a time, arrives in Saltrust. That night a close friend of Eli brings him news that there’s been a riot in the smith’s quarter, and that his father and uncle have been gravely injured…


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