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The RED GUARDIANS Demons, Deities !

Kenya Keys is not a normal freshmen girl, transferring to Guidance High school. Because of this she desired by demons, evil humans, and other teens with powers. Updates: Once a week on Fridays.  [ … ]


The Birthmarks of the Dark World

The kids and teenagers in Ark City's Dark World are now out into three classes or categories Greats, Fates and Outcasts.  Follow DarkFire, Hana, and others as they stumble onto the secrets and truths of their home Dark World. [ … ]


The Birthmark of the Dark World

The people in the city of Ark is now put under three categories Greats, Fates, and Outcasts.All determined by your birthmark and symbol given to you.Follow Dark Fire and Hana as they try escape this bleak city. [ … ]


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