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The following are the featured webcomics. Every day, we randomly select a webcomic to be featured for the day. The following are all the webcomics that have featured so far that were submitted to WebcomicsHub.

Caribbean Blue

Tina and Yuki travel to the island of Caribbean Blue in search of a cure for their friend's strange feline curse, only to discover the island has many more secrets than they bargained for. Will they save the island after accidentally unearthing one of its [ … ]

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Tina of the South

Terra Rica is home to great riches for those willing to brave the harsh landscape. For some, however, arid deserts are the least of their worries. As a child, Tina Winchester lost everything to a sinister killer. Now, as a bounty hunter, Tina sets out on [ … ]

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Follow the crazy antics of a group of friends from different backgrounds as they grow and experience the ups and downs of days dealing with Love triangles, misunderstood situations, annoying jobs and nosy parents. Will all of them find a happy ending in t [ … ]

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Nebula Beings

Two aliens travel the galaxy to achieve their goals of becoming a traveling doctor and salesman while dealing with the dangers that occur in the galaxy. [ … ]

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Addictive Science

Slice of life comic about a mad scientist, featuring mad science, magic and whatever the author found funny that week. [ … ]

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Practice Makes Perfect

A four panel gag comic with a cast of adorable characters! Jess Drea and Addy are just kids trying to make sense of the world in their own unique way, using imagination as their guide! [ … ]

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The Eye of Ramalach

Historian Ronald Rudentof has spent his entire life trying to escape his father's shadow. But while attempting to solve the last mystery his father left behind, Ron's life was changed forever. Now permanently bonded to an ancient demigod named Ramalach th [ … ]

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Knighthood is a story of adventure and growth. Joy Ravenhurst has taken on a challenge to become a Knight, one of her race’s protectors and guardians. The trail is long and she faces more than a few obstacles along the way. Joy’s determination will be [ … ]

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Paprika is a celebration of anime's golden age through the eyes of some very special fans. Tina and her friends have some very strong imaginations, ones so strong they transport the girls to a whole new world when they let it run away with them. [ … ]

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Las Lindas

Las Lindas is a Slice of Life story that revolves around Mora Linda, who inherits her family's farmland after the death of her mother Diana. At first attempting to manage the farm on her own, she quickly realizes that she will need help, and goes out to r [ … ]

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Ever think your phone's controlling your life? Sammy sure feels that way! After purchasing a mysterious knock-off phone, she's discovered the apps control a little more than you or I would expect! Now she has to get her life back before the battery runs o [ … ]

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Silent Sillies

Silent Sillies is a webcomic designed after the old silent black and white cartoons of the 1920's and 1930's. Every Sunday silent sillies entertains with some old slap stick cartoon humor, that is fun for all ages! Also now on Wednesdays Silent Si [ … ]

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