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The comic is a collection of different stories about superheros, cowboys and regular people in the fantasy world Vulperra. Most of the stories are about the hero Flash Gauntlet, who travels from place to place to solve problems with his magical ga [ … ]

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Mischief in Maytia

 A group of friends discover a portal to another world; a fantasy realm with elves and magic. There they befriend some locals and try to find their way back home.Meanwhile, a middle-aged man named Zak discovers that aliens exist when one crashes a fl [ … ]

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Against Stupidity

Meet Jesse Grunwald. Jesse just finished two years at community college in Santa Fe. In a fortuitous coincidence, earlier this year, he got offered a four-year scholarship at a Denver university and inherited his grandmother’s estate–a vi [ … ]

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Dumbing of Age

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend. [ … ]

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Biggs rockar fett

Biggs is the singer and front person of heavy metal band Angellic. Like in so many famous bands, there is rivalry between her and the lead guitar player.She lives in a small Scanian village with her boyfriend and small daughter. In the same village also l [ … ]

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David is a single man who like his life. [ … ]

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A webcomic about elves. Like, seriously. [ … ]

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Wayne's world

Two roommates and a robot daily life adventures with adult humor action and comedy a new webcomic  [ … ]

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Tales of the Anathema

Orias is your average guy in most ways-- except for the fact that him and his family are vampires who have spent centuries in hiding. But now, Orias is facing his biggest challenge yet- public highschool. Follow as he juggles classes, friends, homework, a [ … ]

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Yokoka's Quest

For as far as she can remember, Yokoka’s lived in the same old boring forest. It’s not that she’s lonely- she has a lot of siblings to play with- but she has dreams, a desire for adventure! What would happen, if she walked without stopping? How far [ … ]

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Harpy Gee

Harpy is an adventurer who is traveling with her magical goblin cat, Pumpkin, when she breaks her sword fighting a gelatinous snail creature. She wanders into the town of Podunkello to find an item shop run by the chirpy witch doctor Opal and decides to s [ … ]

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This Rough Magic

This Rough Magic is a fantasy adventure of magic doors, pirates, sorcerers, spies and capricious magic spirits. It’s the story of Fenn Sinclair, a girl who finds out she is, for all practical purposes, a fairy-tale princess. A young girl’s dream [ … ]

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