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The following are the featured webcomics. Every day, we randomly select a webcomic to be featured for the day. The following are all the webcomics that have featured so far that were submitted to WebcomicsHub.

Akacya: The Bounty Hunter

X21E4 (A.K.A North America) 2155.The technology is now highly advanced on Earth.The population is divided in 3 major groups.The high class, the low class and the Infected.The high class rules and control the low class withsome electronic head bands. The i [ … ]

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Echoes of Eternity

 The once noble Issmade clan was the bane of the light world. And an oddity to the dark worlds. The clan took each label with Pride. But now the clan has fallen. Tragic events has torn it asunder. But the youngest of the clansmen still hold on to hop [ … ]

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The Beast Legion

Beast Legion is a high fantasy manga style adventure that explores the journey of an exiled Prince Xeus & his quest to save his home world from tyranny. However in order to do that he must first gain control & master the secrets of the Guardian Be [ … ]

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Acedev: Rockets and Romance

Clay and Andria were catapulted to the top positions of rocket company Acedev by their new boss, internet billionaire Adverto Spamato. Can they get him to Mars before Elon Musk while managing a company full of mad scientists, and still find time for their [ … ]

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