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It's My Turn to Save the World

A lighthearted adventure of kids transforming to fight monsters and my love letter to the entire henshin hero genre. After saving a classmate from a monster attack, Anna is swept up in a whirlwind of events that ends in her transforming into a magical gir [ … ]

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The Legend of Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts is neither a boy or a girl - they're a pirate! During a raid one day, Jamie and their two best friends, Thomas and Daniel, find an unfinished map to a land they've never seen. And so they embark on a new adventure, and along the way they fin [ … ]

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Astra the high sorceress of the Luminous Empire is famous for three things; protecting the innocent, her romance with Prince Ira and her rivalry with her sarcastic and cynical archenemy Psychoborg who happens to be the champion of the enemy Ominous Kingdo [ … ]

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The War between the two galactic superpowers rages on. On one side are the Freeman, moral absolutists locked in a 1930's world view. On the other is the Accordance, techno-modified super-soldiers no longer recognizable as human. The rest of the gal [ … ]

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Way of the Kitchen King

Enter into a flavour-filled world of battle-based competition cooking! Bash Cola, the undefeated Kitchen King, lost everything except his title when his wife passed away. Can a young, upcoming competitor inspire his passion and tingle his tastebuds for cu [ … ]

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Sundae Comics

In Sundae Comics, cartoonist Nathan Olsen weaves together science fiction and fantasy tropes with everyday dilemmas to produce hilariously irreverent, all-ages comics. Step into a quirky universe populated by bumbling astronauts, melancholic superheroes, [ … ]

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Hungry Heart

Tina Darling, a young cryptologist from Massachusetts, has just moved to a small town called Normalville, right next to the haunted Salem. The villagers, sick of the rumors, do not take the arrival of the newcomer very well but things change when the disa [ … ]

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Akira has always been a coward. After he ran from the people who killed his sister and parents he was sure of that and promised himself that he would just keep running. But when his sister, cyra, mysteriously comes back from the dead and brings the villai [ … ]

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Clover & Cutlass

Maggie, reluctant heir to the local warlord, falls for Jolene, a burnt-out healer. Unfortunately, Maggie's parents want Jolene dead.Clover & Cutlass is a LGBTQ romance comic following a group of young adventurers in a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired fantasy s [ … ]

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Adventure Club

Strangers find each other -and then themselves- through adventuring and small battles. [ … ]

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That Stick Figure Isekai

Naota Nakaoka was just your typical harem hearthrob until his life was cut short. Now he's been reincarnated .... as a stick figure. How will he be able to rebuild his harem in a world where anime tropes (and faces) don't exist??? Find out in That Stick F [ … ]

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Cosmic Connect

After being pressured by his high school crush Autumn, Xavier joins the newly released MMORPG Cosmic Connect. A world populated by cute, but vicious, creatures. [ … ]

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