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Lorena Immaculate

Lorena Ruiz was blessed with a gift from God. Noa Agassi and Chuck Williamson run a ghost hunting Youtube channel. Both parties are called to investigate the Phan residence, a house rife with strange and unsettling happenings.  [ … ]

Submitted 4 hours ago ( May 26, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Hungry Man

Patrick. A young man who suffers from depression finds the perfect cure for his loneliness and sexless life, he finds the happy pill! A antidepressant that works like the perfect mating drug. He fools around and finds himself in a sticky situation, eating [ … ]

Submitted 1 day ago ( May 26, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Trans Girl Next Door

Comics about Kylie's life as a trans girl in her 20s & 30s. [ … ]

Submitted 2 weeks ago ( May 8, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Absolute Boyfriend

love story [ … ]

Submitted 3 weeks ago ( May 5, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Lys of the Drakois

A fantasy webcomic about an epic journey through time and space [ … ]

Submitted 3 weeks ago ( May 4, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

The First Calendar

This is a story about humanity in a land of gods. There are twelve gods in the pantheon, January, February and so on. But while these gods play a critical role in the world and its shape and essence, the real story is about the humans who are inspired, pr [ … ]

Submitted 4 weeks ago ( Apr 27, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Square Hole

Sometimes inappropriate, boring, and violent. Square Hole is an exploration of identity through through vignettes of "Kel", a queer freelance photographer stumbling through work, dating, and life. Soprano, Draper, Horseman, and now Kel. UPDATES: 2nd & 4t [ … ]

Submitted 1 month ago ( Apr 15, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Failed Saves

A group of players set off on an adventure to probably save some people and loot some stuff in the fantasy world created for them by their exasperated Storyteller. Will they survive monsters, deadly traps, and dangerous of all, their own poor choices? Fin [ … ]

Submitted 1 month ago ( Apr 4, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Dark Matter

A true story about waiting. [ … ]

Submitted 1 month ago ( Apr 3, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Blind Gecko and Tail

Join Blind Gecko and his trusty Tail sidekick as they explore the world in four panel fashion, with lots of puns to groan at. Updates on Fridays. [ … ]

Submitted 2 months ago ( Mar 26, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Us Honourless Few

Drugged and confused a young man finds himself stranded in a strange land facing monsters, odd locals, and the mystery of who is behind it all. Unable to escape, even in his dreams, he must discover the truth, aided only by these Honourless few. [ … ]

Submitted 2 months ago ( Mar 26, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


While in the process of try to bring peace to the demon realm, a young demon finds himself in an unlikely situation.Who knew love could really conquer all?... [ … ]

Submitted 2 months ago ( Mar 25, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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