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Black Jack

The comic follows the story of a young wolf called Black Jack. After his father leaves them and his sister is getting more and more attention, sour feelings start to boil in him. That's when a pack of rebels decide to settle down on their territory. [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 17, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Some Distant Shore

Pirates! Sea Monsters! Romance! When a pirate temporarily separated from his ship encounters a cecaelia, they strike up a friendship and more. The catch is, if a cephalapod person and a man named after a bird do fall in love, where would they make their h [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 13, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Adam the Martian

Adam is a Martian, the architect of Mars. He leads a group of thousands of martians who build impressive monuments, pyramids, and other constructions on the planet. Enjoy adventure and humor. Every day, a new comic published on the site. [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 12, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

The Remarkable Rabbit Boy

12-year-old Rabbit Boy has always wanted to be a superhero. So when he managed to unlock his power core and gain a superpower, Rabbit Boy went ahead and turned himself into: THE REMARKABLE RABBIT BOY. But the journey towards being a great superhero is tou [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 11, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Runaway Madness

Welcome to the United States of the World, 2092. Outpost 43, California, Homeland USW.Days before her fourteenth birthday, Dawn has a dream of how she may be able save humanity from endless war. Dawn must find the chosen llama, and sacrifice him on the ta [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 11, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

The Designersaurs

The Designersaurs is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a stegosaurus named Zorr. Zorr is a Russian-born designer for a tech firm in England. Zorr is a brilliant scientist (when pro [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 9, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


The challenges facing a promising young basketball prospect and heroin addict growing up in a city rife with drugs and gangs are daunting enough but when what appears to be an angel begins exacting justice through him, our protagonist learns he must wrest [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 7, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Andromeda Star

One fateful day, 15-year-old J.J. Jennings life is changed when a cat (who claims he used to be human) arrives and asks for her help. He is looking for a new generation of girls to take up the mantle of the "Star Warriors". Together they will fight agains [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 2, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Operator Syndrome オペレーター症候群 Operētā shōkōgun

A meteorite blasts through the atmosphere and slams down in the central business district of a city -- and everything changes. [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Sep 1, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Unlikely Heroes

Welcome all to the Land of Chaora! We follow Allie, a human paladin, as she forms a team of adventurers, each struggling to survive in a world full of deceit and powerful magic. Together, the five of them face off against formidable enemies and are tasked [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Aug 28, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

The Goddamn Panty Brigade

The Goddamn Panty Brigade are a group of self-centered, over opinionated and Strong independent females who really only want to get drunk, fuck shit up and have fun. unfortunately for the girls their leader Garnet Gutterslut’s definition of fun usually [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Aug 27, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Shonen Punk!

Chiitsu Pinkada was just your average 20-something Slacker from Southern California with a love for punk rock music and Ecchi harem anime. But after getting a very special Lewd anime DVD in the mail from the anime-of-the-month club, his life gets turned u [ … ]

Submitted 1 year ago ( Aug 27, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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