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The Legend of Kaihamour

In a world beyond our own, nine beings will set forth on a life-changing adventure to become the gods of their realms. Through the endless trials that await them, our heroes will take control of their own destiny and become legends within their own right. [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Mar 1, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


(READ RIGHT TO LEFT) Enthusiastic Koji is a 12-year-old boy, who got what it takes to become a Crystal Brawler. But not as much as the others.. .But once he applies for Crystal Brawlers middle school, he discovers that fusing with Crystal Monsters can giv [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Feb 26, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


A dystopian sci-fi comic about an anthropomorphic dog and his friends living in a world left behind by humans. [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Feb 26, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Realm of Owls

Realm of Owls offers a healthy dose of OWLS. And why not have some HUMOR with your OWLS as well? (And possibly a hint of SATIRE. We don’t know how that got there, but you can have it.) [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Feb 9, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


An assassin is hired to take out the leader of an illegal robotics scheme for a large sum of money. If they fail to do the job, their life will be in jeopardy. However, things get complicated when they find out the person they are supposed to kill is some [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Feb 4, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Crow(N)'s Nest

Many eons ago, a goddess gifted cedar boxes, containing parts of her powers to few chosen animals.Those animals, became deities to maintain and protect the balance.Now let me tell you a story. [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Feb 2, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Beast Fables

Updates Tuesdays! Beast Fables is a collection of short stories that follows Rey and Thorn on their various knightly quests in the Middle Ages. Every quest (i.e. chapter) is completed before it is posted, so you can come back each week and be confident th [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jan 27, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Super Rookie

Every generation, the universe bestows its gifts upon six chosen girls -- heroes who hold the fate of our world in balance and fight against the deepest darkness within all of us. From the mind of Mindy Yi,  this magical girl webcomic set in America cros [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jan 16, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Meyer's Garden

Meyer’s Garden follows a Canadian actress named Delilah Cohen who is struggling to find work. Her agent finds her a role in the United States as a co-host on a  low budget, failing, kids show called Meyer’s Garden on a channel called United Networks. [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jan 15, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Doctor Destructica

The story of a young boy's encounter with a friendly mad scientist, told in Suess-style verse. [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jan 9, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


The year is 2045. The United Kingdom is a mess, and somewhere in its downtrodden capital are four young adults with the powers of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. One of the four, Clara, is trying to rediscover her elusive past – but she ma [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jan 4, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Patent the Sun

What begins as a story about a pair of masked heroes tasked with protecting their master at all costs quickly and abruptly evolves into a story about an antihero who's both haunted by his past and ready to move on from it. In the face of everything, he de [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Dec 21, 2020 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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