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Dresden Codak

Dresden Codak is a webcomic written and illustrated by Aaron Diaz. It is described as a "celebration of science, death and human folly", the comic presents stories that deal with elements of philosophy, science  [ … ]

Submitted 10 years ago ( Feb 20, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja an action-comedy webcomic by Chris Hastings and Anthony "Nedroid" Clarknote , and the love child of the Rule of Cool and the Rule of Funny. It is the most awesomely epic / epically awesome webcomic ever. The story unoff [ … ]

Submitted 10 years ago ( Feb 17, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


The ComicI am ARG! is a Mon to fri webcomic about the life of an animator in toronto. It's more exciting and Hyperbolized than this little box of words can describe. I am Arg is a semi autobiographical non sequitor humour strip filled to the brim [ … ]

Submitted 10 years ago ( Feb 16, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


UFX is based on a dark future in which advances in genetics and biotechnology have lead to an increase in terrorism and paranoia. Political and Military figures vie for power while 2 genetically augmented tactical weapons try to discover their past. [ … ]

Submitted 10 years ago ( Feb 15, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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