Cover Please

Someone add a cover - love the art on it! - ed

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Someone add a cover - love the art on it! - ed

Hi everyone!

This is Nick Marino, writer and letterer of The Evil Life. Nils-Petter Norlin and I have had so much fun bringing these characters to life, and we hope you absolutely love reading their exploits. Thanks for checking us out!

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Who survived?

Just dropped the latest update - and I can tell you, not everyone got out of the house alive.

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This is getting exciting!

Things just got really interesting and Hammer's world just flipped inside out.

billkerschbaum on webcomic Forge

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Wow! Your review is just everything, thank you!

Alex_makes_comics on webcomic Betrayal

I loved it! It brought back so many memories of times when I had to guess what a word or a phrase or a look really meant. Life would be so much easier if they would just let us peek at our instruction manual every once in a while.

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Thank you, that means a lot!

Alex_makes_comics on webcomic Betrayal

Wonderful artwork, touching and engaing storyline...looking forward to the next issue

Alyona on webcomic Betrayal

Nice Webcomic

read the first 10 pages of the comic and it has a very Walking Dead feel to it. I love the direction and hope to see more of it. Great job!

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Official: Website update!

We're migrating from being Maru Exposito centered (studio) to Windy Lightning centered (webcomic). ★Old:, find the most updated panels. Chapter 3 is currently being released! ★New:, find many new features such as faster smartphone reading, comics by page, comment section, and more!! BUT the comic is not fully updated there (that will happen during 2019*). Enjoy ^-^ *once the transfer is done, both URL will link to the new website

MaruExposito on webcomic Windy Lightning

Hi there!

Nice humor. Nice child friendly drawing style.

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