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Superb Artwork and Story

As a follower of Kemono Cafe, I must say that the artwork is simply divine, especially with the written dialogue and cute emoticons to break up the wall of text.

KC_READER on webcomic Kemono Cafe

Engaging the readers with comedic action and fan service, Knuckle Up illustrates the benefits of working together to enhance the colors with vibrant skills and the use of dialect to encourage character diversity.

KC_READER on webcomic Knuckle Up

Combing both fantasy magic with intriguing mysteries, Bethellium's pages are enhanced with vibrant colors and adorable text in moments of peace but harsh retort during trials.

KC_READER on webcomic Bethellium

Taking a page from the most recognizable Charlie Brown series, Practice Makes Perfect is adorably drawn, illustrated, and written that is almost a blast from those childhood memories of younger years.

KC_READER on webcomic Practice Makes Perfect

With such beautiful, island scenery, Caribbean Blue doesn't shy away from the swimsuits from an island getaway that's perfectly written for comedic accidents and heartbreaking moments.

KC_READER on webcomic Caribbean Blue

With nekomimis and cat-tastic transformations, Paprika doesn't need the bright flashy colors to take full advantage of these iconic characters, especially when it comes to the hilarious text in and out of the comic.

KC_READER on webcomic Paprika

Playing on the transformation sequences as of late, iMew's black and white manga inspired artwork is perfect when taken into the playfully shocked text that enhances the transforming scenes.

KC_READER on webcomic iMew

With danger, betrayal, and mystery around every corner, The Eye of Ramalach's impressive digital artistic style strengthens the diligent text while highlighting the ever-changing mood.

KC_READER on webcomic The Eye of Ramalach

Employing the comedic and heartrending moments of college life, Rascals illustrates the growth in art evolution and writing with a vast array of colorful characters trying to figure life out with friends, family, and lovers.

KC_READER on webcomic Rascals

With a twist on the Old West, Tina of the South plays on the black and white motion picture of year's past to enhance the western themes and play on the dynamic fight scenes and romantic scenes.

KC_READER on webcomic Tina of the South