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The Hawk's Song

The beginning of XVII century, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the death of the father, the Wielecki's family inherited the debt. Lech, the only male heir, must pay off all family debts and reclaim lost lands. To achieve it, he decides to join anoth [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Sep 1, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

A Bird's-Eye View

Elvis Byrd. Nextar. Al Vocādo. And the fake company that employs them. [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Aug 17, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Flirting for Bunnies

Actually, Usagi would have preferred to stay at home. He finds other people and fairs super boring. And actually, he doesn't believe in magic either.... So, why did he turn into a bunny again?? And why does it seem like that annoying, extro [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jul 7, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Lonely Universe

Travel through the known . . .and unknown universe where exotic civilizations and artificial intelligence are the norm. Discover the deepest galaxies billions of light years away and explore Earth millions of years into the future -- all through the eyes [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jun 17, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

T as in Trauma

A story about relationships, growth, and gore. Toshimasa is a homicidal vagrant who starts living with a black market organs dealer and serial widower named Ava. She is recovering from a life time of drifting and trauma at the hands of her mother, and Mio [ … ]

Submitted 2 years ago ( Jun 14, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Black Lotus

Black Lotus is a daily gag-per-day magical girl webcomic that follows the bizarre daily lives and absurd adventures of a large cast of characters in a bizarre sci-fi/fantasy world where virtually anything can happen.Join Cielo Rodriguez and the magical gi [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( May 24, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


 Ancient artifacts known as 'Ubers' are immensely powerful and coveted items in all the lands. So much so, many wars were waged as many nations and peoples have fought over control of their use of them. But with great power comes great consequences, so m [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( May 21, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Beloved Chains

Henry Patton was just some human on Earth working at a Pizza joint trying to figure out what to do with his life. He did not realize that actions would lead him to be the first human to be in charge of a Xaltean manor. Come join Henry as he tries to find [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( May 16, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

God's Assistant / Kami's Assistant

>>I led a happy life. With great friends. And a wonderful family. I had a nice time indeed. But. That is... Until I died. [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( May 11, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


A brilliant girl is planning a day of inventions and gadgets when an imaginative boy crashes through her balcony. Amin is on a quest to find his parents, who are taken by a monster. Interested in learning the truth about her own, she goes find the Bookist [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( May 7, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Ray Fox

Ray posses the ability to manipulate heat and plasma energy; he’s also a skilled mixed martial artist, agile, and cunning. Unfortunately, he is also extremely clumsy: as a consequence, he got the reputation of an arsonist, rather than a hero.Now he is f [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( May 1, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


Temperatures above freezing don’t exist in Seagate Village. But Toby can’t leave until he builds a railroad connecting it to the outside world.Derailed is a tiny bit of many genres: comedy, adventure, romance, and mystery. It focuses on themes of per [ … ]

Submitted 3 years ago ( Apr 3, 2021 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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