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500 years into the future, the world has changed. Radiation and extreme weather conditions make life on the surface impossible and all that remains from humanity is gathered in artificial habitats, the life-support-domes. Life inside the domes is hi [ … ]

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 [16+]Cali Nightstone is a bitter, lonely girl, hiding from a haunting past. After finding an estranged lizard man her life begins to change. Her past begins to resurface and she must face an incoming catastrophe that threatens the populace of her pl [ … ]

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In Sai-vay, the line between person and animal is blurred. Ember and her siblings struggle to break free from their evil heritage and be accepted as people, rather than shunned as demons. [ … ]

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The Adventures of Hobart

 Mystery Management Investigations (MMI) was founded in 1933 in New York City. During World War II its primary focus was on the military and helping the Allies win the War. Business expanded in the 1950’s, and then in the 1970’s and early [ … ]

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500 years after an unknown cataclism that nearly extinguished the human race, the last survivors must search in the ancient world's ruins to try and rebuild our civilization; to discover what brought our world to its end. But their quest will uncover [ … ]

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Trials of a Stick Artist

Hello there. fancy seeing you here. What is this? well, it's the story of me trying to control the stick man I made, while he proceeds to mess with everything I do. Why does he do this? I don't know, but it gets on your nerves after a while.I'm a stick a [ … ]

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Borrow Me

Borrow Me is a completed comic about Cliff and Amy, two strangers who are stranded in space following an accident on board an interstellar mining station. Alone, and trapped inside a perilous debris field, they share knob jokes, precious memories and inte [ … ]

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Set in a universe where genre tropes are real, ordinary and extraordinary people navigate throufg a life filled with superheroes, aliens, vampires, and gods.  [ … ]

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Ragnarok: Dawn of the Heavens' Massacre

Follow four boys on a journey through a world filled with powerful immortals, celestials, gods and devils. [ … ]

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A wizard tries to raise an orphaned dragon in a world filled with fantasy, magic, war, and adventure. He soon finds out a dragon does what it wants...and he may make all the difference. [ … ]

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Glymyre Tales

Based on an rpg invented by the creator and his sons, "Glymyre Tales" is set in the metaphorical world of Whoelterran.  A glymyrist, knave, devout, medichemist, and scout investigate a shadowy menace threatening the peace of The Sparkle Forests; a territ [ … ]

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Ride along with Dilly, Lance, Will, Marni and Gabriel through the days and nights at Amberlamps Ambulance Service! From the patients and calls, to the station antics and the unique bonds with each other, this comic is like your days and nights and EMS but [ … ]

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