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The following are the featured webcomics. Every day, we randomly select a webcomic to be featured for the day. The following are all the webcomics that have featured so far that were submitted to WebcomicsHub.

Chez Cuckoo

A comic about a group of friends, their everyday disasters and general screw-ups. [ … ]

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Kids growing up in the 80s! [ … ]

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The Anxiety of Alma Fischer: A Webcomic About Anxiety, Depression & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

"The Anxiety of Alma Fischer" explores the weight of intrusive thoughts for its titular character--Alma Fischer--and how she copes with anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. [ … ]

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Center Lane

  After his parents’ messy divorce, a high school student opted to live away from his parents. A family friend, an honest but laid back young man, agrees to let the boy live with him as long as needed. Now, he has to live with a collision [ … ]

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Adam the Martian

Adam is a Martian living during the lost civilization of Mars. New panel/comic every day on the site. [ … ]

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Dinnersaurus Rex

"Dinnersaurus Rex" is about a family of 3 dinosaurs just being themselves; Mamasaurus is a single mother of two, Sweetie Dino is relentlessly sweet but often naive, and his brother, Baby Dino (named after Baby Sinclair from "Dinosaurs" [ … ]

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Undead Friend

Undead Friend is a secret game of survival for the living and the dead. After accepting a strange friend request Orrick finds himself caught in the game, beginning a story of love, comedy, action and (un)death. [ … ]

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The Evil Life

Student. Prince. Alien. The world wants to treat them like supervillains, but they're busy trying to live their best lives. Art by Nils-Petter Norlin. Words by Nick Marino. New chapters every other Tuesday. (Find us on Webtoon too!) [ … ]

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The Birthmark of the Dark World

The people in the city of Ark is now put under three categories Greats, Fates, and Outcasts.All determined by your birthmark and symbol given to you.Follow Dark Fire and Hana as they try escape this bleak city. [ … ]

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The Naturals

A wartime epic about each nation's super-powered champion, the sinister scientist who is hunting them to obtain their powers, and the unlikely schmoe who is tasked to stop him. [ … ]

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Valley View Cemetery

Follow the Valley View Cemetery Coven as they prepare for the most important day of the year. Halloween! [ … ]

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Very Randdenly

It's about random and sudden thoughts, shown through dark humour. [ … ]

Featured 6 months ago ( Sep 20, 2019 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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