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Down on ground, a revolt. The hoverbike races desperately with ballistic trajectory. Something in TOMAHAWK is not what it seems. But a good tattoo is like a shield.A near future fantasy. [ … ]

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Geek Stink

A true-life comic about Reynaldo Rivera, a nerdy and outspoken art student. While Rey's outlook and personality may be a little awkward to some, it's nothing compared to the bizarre occurrences and relationships of his day-to-day life...(Updated w [ … ]

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Ten Years

Ten Years is a long-form exploration of both time and place, told through a semi-autobiographical split narrative. How might the culture and environment of urban Los Angeles have shaped the author differently than his rural hometown 80 miles away?Updated [ … ]

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Himawari Share

Himawari Share follows the lives of three international students living together in Tokyo. Join our heroines as they struggle with the language barrier, fall in and out of love, and eat as much as they possibly can. [ … ]

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Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt

 The Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt series tells the story of that takes place in the fantastical planet of Weralt. The world was once protected my a mysterious beings called the Quacki. They protected the inhabitants of the world (humans, haw [ … ]

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 Ten years ago Rumsfeld, DJ Tom, and Lily led the city into a domino effect of disasters. They discovered that they were not alone and the town was built on top of creatures called “Cabuesos”.It’s all happening again. Join Rumsfeld [ … ]

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An Ember Turned Flame

 An Ember Turned Flame is a graphic novel series set in a dark fantasy world in which magic has restructured the economic, social, and ideological basis of society in a radical manner.Set in the lands of a defeated nation, the story centers around a dyn [ … ]

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The Automan’s Daughter

An adventure story set in a set in an alternate-historical dieselpunk world, The Automan’s Daughter follows military-school dropout Aisha Osman and her uncle Siddig as they outwit bikers, spies and kidnappers while gearing up for a tournam [ … ]

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Kappa is a fantasy adverture webcomic about mermaids fighting for survival. It updates on Mondays and Thursdays. [ … ]

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The Demon Archives

 Set in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after the 3rd World War, the Demon Archives tells the survivors' stories as they struggle to rebuild civilization. In Book One, we'll meet the members of Minerva, one of the few high tech organizatio [ … ]

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In a rich fantasy universe, we follow the story of a magical marionette. Rudy is a young puppeteer, apprentice in a renowned workshop. His creation is named Qualia. [ … ]

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A gamer gets abducted one night and wakes up with wings. Now she tries to redefine her life around her new abilities. [ … ]

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