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A whole lot of fanservice that starts off as a colledge slice of life comic and progresses into a story of ninjas, pirates AND fanservice! A great read

Davoerlo on webcomic Rascals

Simple cute and funny. Easy way to describe this comic.

Davoerlo on webcomic Practice Makes Perfect

Babes, bikinis and beaches! Who doesn't love that. Add the fact that there are also cute cat girls then we got a party!

Davoerlo on webcomic Caribbean Blue

Precursor to the comic Caribbean blue (which has finished) means we get to spend more time with these characters. Love how exuberant they all are

Davoerlo on webcomic Paprika

Love the characters in this comic. So many hotties and the interplay between them is the driving force in the story.

Davoerlo on webcomic Las Lindas

Love it

Reading this comic for many years. Love the comics and watching the art style improve over the years is great.

Davoerlo on webcomic The Eye of Ramalach