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Welcome to Kemono Cafe

Welcome to Kemono Cafe. Bringing comic artists and readers together under one big red roof.We currently host such webcomics as Chalodillo's Las Lindas and Knighthood, Mastergodai's Rascals, Avencri's The Eye of Ramalach and Tina of the South, Cervelet's A [ … ]


Action and fan service on the side? Sign me up! XD No but seriously, this action packed, women on demand webcomic is pretty epic with the love triangles and transformation story.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Knuckle Up

Okay, now this comic is pretty spot on hilarious with the adorable animal characteristics of the leading feline cutie and the character interactions from all of ABD's leading characters from Bethellium and Moonlace.

TheMrAMP on webcomic C-chan's a Catgirl!

I must admit that this particular fan service and ertotic furry story is quite dark with grusome scenes. It's an interesting read to say the very least.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Moonlace

Huge Story with Transformations

I must say that this is one of the biggest series I've seen to date, and I'm loving it, especially with the hilarious, scientific transformations forced and welcomed on some of the cast.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Addictive Science

Magical Friendship with Stellar Effects

ABlueDeer knocked it out of the park with such superb colors and captivating story lines. A truly iconic series for magical and anime goodness.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Bethellium

Country Living is the Fine Life for Me

Life on the ranch isn't all hard work and no play, especially when you're working hard to save it from the bank. I just enjoy the recent character hookups and business development going on at the ranch.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Las Lindas

Fighting Nights for the Win Baby

I'm not going to lie, but I read Knighthood to learn about the Prime history of the Knights, their role in society, seeing some of my favorite characters not present in his other comic, and the dynamic action fights with fan service to boot.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Knighthood

Gun Blazing Goodness

While it's still on hiatus, I'll confess that I've been reading this series over and over again to pick up on the plot twists and turns.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Tina of the South

Fun Times in College

College hijinks and romance just got a whole lot sexier with this hilarious cast of characters. I've been enjoying the character development and love triangle plots growing as of late in this series.

TheMrAMP on webcomic Rascals

Intriguing Mysteries

Mystery...intrique...betrayal...romance...these are just a few of the words that perfectly portray the adventures of Rons and his friends as they discover the secrets of their world. The art is simply amazing as well as the unique storytelling.

TheMrAMP on webcomic The Eye of Ramalach