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It is the year 2086. On the island of Avalonia a civilization has reached tremendous techological advancement. Their greatest achievement is the Z5 Supercomputer. A supercomputer that is able to create and improve microchips without human intervention.&nb [ … ]


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Hi there!

Nice humor. Nice child friendly drawing style.

franciscyprus on webcomic MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Nice Work

Nice drawing and colors!

franciscyprus on webcomic Alpha Shade

Nice drawings

Hello, nice art style and colors.

franciscyprus on webcomic Blindsprings

Nice Artwork!

Hi there. Nice artwork and colors!

franciscyprus on webcomic Spindrift

Hello from Cyprus!

Hi there! Read some pages from the comic! Nice work! Good luck!

franciscyprus on webcomic Tales of Midgard

Nice work!

Alright! Very cool drawing. I like the post apocalyptic setting and vibe. Nice! Francis from Nicosia on Cyprus island. 17 November 2018. See ya!

franciscyprus on webcomic Under The Flesh