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The End Times

A hilariously unfunny look at our modern age. [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Jan 5, 2015 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Plush and Blood

Plush and Blood is a story that revolves around Stuffed Animals living in a Utopian society subtly rule by a totalitarian dictator secretly stuffing the populous with behavioral control; and the subsequent fall of the empire. [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 18, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Monstrous Pulp

Monstrous Pulp is a place for all the most horrible things inside the twisted, collective psyche of our New God, Pop Culture. [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 16, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Ten Years

Ten Years is a long-form exploration of both time and place, told through a semi-autobiographical split narrative. How might the culture and environment of urban Los Angeles have shaped the author differently than his rural hometown 80 miles away?Updated [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 12, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Killer Kamote Komiks

Killer Kamote Komiks is mostly about the funny adventures of this reoccurring guy who sports a mullet hair and has mustache. Sometimes though, it's just about anything under the sun, things, happenings, stories, experiences and whatnots which I think [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 12, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


VICTORY is about a Superhero  who started out as a sentiant msytical sword from another universe that somehow transformed into a man. with the Help of semi-retired superhero and his Niece, Victory will become one if the greatest heroes in the world.. [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 11, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


Set in a universe where genre tropes are real, ordinary and extraordinary people navigate throufg a life filled with superheroes, aliens, vampires, and gods.  [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 10, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


 At the edge of the universe an enigmatic spiral galaxy floats in relative peace. Under the governance of the Universal Union it has enjoyed this state of being for over two thousand years since the evil Shelamian dominion ended. Once defeated every [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 9, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC


 Thade Reckstar and Finn Wyoming embark on facepalm-inducing adventures across a melting pot galaxy in their sentient ship, Daisy. [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 3, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

The Crystal Saga

 The Crystal Saga is a collection of stories about a peculiar royal family as they adapt to a once familiar landscape where magic, thought to be a dying art, is now returning to the world.The first book centers around Rose Quartz, [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Dec 2, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Tangled River

Tangled River is a science fiction coming of age story told in the form of a memoir written by 14 year-old Tanya Vega. It updates every Wednesday. [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Nov 30, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

Zombie Waffe

Zombie Waffe is a free online webcomic about a team of different people trying to surviving a zombie apocalypse [ … ]

Submitted 8 years ago ( Nov 24, 2014 ) VIEW THIS WEBCOMIC

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