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Star Wars X

 Two thousand years beforeThe rise of the Galactic Empire,Jedi Master Phanius leaves the Jedi CouncilAnd takes the name Darth Ruin.He unites several Sith cults,Organizing the Dark JediInto a new order of Dark Lords of the Sith.He is eventually betray [ … ]



UFX is based on a dark future in which advances in genetics and biotechnology have lead to an increase in terrorism and paranoia. Political and Military figures vie for power while 2 genetically augmented tactical weapons try to discover their past. [ … ]


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Welcome to WebcomicsHub 2.0

Welcome to WebcomicsHub 2.0. It's taken quite some time but I've been working on this fresh update for nearly 7 months. The reason why I launched version 2.0 of WCH was to give the site a fresh makeover but also to give new functionalities to the site. So [ … ]


pretty entertaining

found this webcomic by accident but its been a very entertaining read. Keep up the good work. Also really enjoy the art and coloring.

mifty on webcomic Lease Bound

Nice Webcomic

read the first 10 pages of the comic and it has a very Walking Dead feel to it. I love the direction and hope to see more of it. Great job!

mifty on webcomic The Solitary Divide

Webomic Poster Images are being reprocessed

OOps, i fogot to mention one other thing: With the migration to 2.0, all webcomic poster images were erased. They are currently being reprocessed. All webcomic poster images should be back online by the end of this week. We've also gotten rid of the annoying profile image for a webcomic

mifty on article Welcome to WebcomicsHub 2.0

Really enjoyed reading this

<p>The first chapter was pretty funny. I had a great time reading and cant wait for the second chapter to come out</p>

mifty on webcomic Bastard Galaxia

Really cool concept

<p>I really like the idea. pretty original!</p>

mifty on webcomic 3 Minute Max

amazing art!

<p>just spent the evening reading this entire webcomic. The artwrork is amazing and the story is awesome</p>

mifty on webcomic Ava's Demon

love the pacing.

I love the pacing of this webcomi c. Reading it feels like watching a John Woo film.

mifty on webcomic Binary

Comment Reply

<p>It's actually a pretty good twist on the whole zombie genre. The fact that its a disease that only affects males is actually a good twist. Cant wait to see where you go from here.</p>

mifty on webcomic Under The Flesh

My Webcomic

<p>In all fairness, UFX is my webcomic that I submitted so I tend to be biased. It is currently on hiatus but there are a lot goodies on the website for you to browse and the story is pretty slick :)</p>

mifty on webcomic UFX