Chuck's Devils 16Aug

Chuck's Devils

Hello!  I'm Mike Perrucci, and I hope you'll check out my webcomic, Chuck's Devils.  It's a comedy/drama series about three aspiring models turned thieves.  Here's a summary of the first four episodes:

Episode 1: A Deal with the Devil

Lily, Yu-Ri, and Candace meet while applying to a modeling agency. However, they learn it's actually a front for a thievery ring formed by the shadowy Chuck.

While initially reluctant, the three social outcasts eventually decide to join Chuck's Devils.

Episode 2: Night at the Museum

Chuck's misfit minions are given their first job: Sneak into a museum and steal a valuable vase.

Their inexperience and different opinions on how to proceed land the Devils into some trouble. They'll have to work together to complete the mission.

Episode 3: Crazy Rich Agents

The Devils pose as rich socialites when they crash a posh party hosted by millionaire William Banks. Can they escape the mansion with his prized possession?

Also, Lily starts decorating their headquarters to make it feel more like a home.

Episode 4: Decent Proposal

Lily is shocked when she's told their next target is a necklace worn by her favorite actress, Destiny.

The movie star's martial arts training foils their plans. But Destiny decides to give them the jewelry in exchange for a date with her superfan.

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