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The following are the featured webcomics. Every day, we randomly select a webcomic to be featured for the day. The following are all the webcomics that have featured so far that were submitted to WebcomicsHub.

The Night Belongs to US

 The Night Belongs to Us is a just webcomic about a girl named Hank and a girl named Ada. Hank gets attacked by a werewolf. Ada saves her life. Hank then becomes a werewolf. Ada is a vampire. Hank discovers the underground society of vampires, w [ … ]

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Infected Blood

This is the story of Alexandra/Sekhmet, her descent to hell and her tormented rise to power in a world ravaged by war. Occasional NSFW pages. [ … ]

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THE FLOOD - a salvation myth

 "I want what you want. I want revenge... for everyone, and everything, that never deserved to die." - Mercy [ … ]

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Stand Still. Stay Silent

"Stand Still. Stay Silent" is a post-apocalyptic adventure story with a rather light tone and careless pace. It'll update with 4 pages each week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) as long as I'm simultaneously working on the book versio [ … ]

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Tut and Groan

Mainly wordplay based single panel comic by a professional writer with no drawing talent. The occasional comic strip these days too. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays [ … ]

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Area 42

The adventures of Charleston Charge and Subject M as they face off against boredom, various threats, and facets of pop culture. [ … ]

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Wingless: The Dovecote Princess

Wingless is a dark fantasy story of a 女の子 named Ephelia who wants to become a knight for the honour of her family. 後で making an impromptu deal with an 不明 entity, she finds her 世 increasingly distorted. Will sh [ … ]

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Kindred Skies

KINDRED SKIES is about a group of dumb boys doing dumb things (but for money) Set in a desert wasteland where being a mercenary is often just a good honest living, Rofaryn and his men struggle to make their way in a world of goddesses and sorcerers, [ … ]

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Dr. Rianne Nicah is a brilliant physician who after years of medical education is struggling to rediscover herself and the world around her while guided by her Guardian Duck, Cal. [ … ]

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The End

Two aliens on a mission accidentally crash a sci-fi convention and take nerds on the ride of their lives! Follow them as their search for a way home takes them to worlds they could never have imagined and conflicts they could never have forseen. It's [ … ]

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 WaterFront is a story driven webcomic created by writer Richard Jonkman and artist Rudy Faber.A comic set in a world where civilisation, by necessity, primarly takes place on the ocean surface. Our story begins on “La Palazza”, [ … ]

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Mythologia is a graphic novel series introducing the authentic stories of the ancient Greek heroes. It features a unique graphic style with colors being applied digitally over hand-drawn sketches, eliminating thus the process of inking. The art is drawn b [ … ]

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