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661 - Four Corners

Set in 1995, Yokohama, the comic follows Kazuhiro Tsuchiya who now leads his deceased brother's legendary gang, the Four Corners. Kazuhiro is approached by Hideki Yuhara, a schoolmate who claims to have vital information that Kazuhiro should be wary of— [ … ]

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662 - The Designersaurs

The Designersaurs is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a stegosaurus named Zorr. Zorr is a Russian-born designer for a tech firm in England. Zorr is a brilliant scientist (when pro [ … ]

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663 - Ethereal

An assassin is hired to take out the leader of an illegal robotics scheme for a large sum of money. If they fail to do the job, their life will be in jeopardy. However, things get complicated when they find out the person they are supposed to kill is some [ … ]

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664 - Black Jack

The comic follows the story of a young wolf called Black Jack. After his father leaves them and his sister is getting more and more attention, sour feelings start to boil in him. That's when a pack of rebels decide to settle down on their territory. [ … ]

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665 - Beast Fables

Updates Tuesdays! Beast Fables is a collection of short stories that follows Rey and Thorn on their various knightly quests in the Middle Ages. Every quest (i.e. chapter) is completed before it is posted, so you can come back each week and be confident th [ … ]

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666 - Realm of Owls

Realm of Owls offers a healthy dose of OWLS. And why not have some HUMOR with your OWLS as well? (And possibly a hint of SATIRE. We don’t know how that got there, but you can have it.) [ … ]

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667 - Derailed

Temperatures above freezing don’t exist in Seagate Village. But Toby can’t leave until he builds a railroad connecting it to the outside world.Derailed is a tiny bit of many genres: comedy, adventure, romance, and mystery. It focuses on themes of per [ … ]

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668 - Animus

Riki is a thief that praises himself as someone that can't be caught easily.Upon bumping into a mysterious person and having his loot for the day stolen right under his nose, he ends up discovering a dangerous plot that put his pride in check and that wou [ … ]

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669 - Crow(N)'s Nest

Many eons ago, a goddess gifted cedar boxes, containing parts of her powers to few chosen animals.Those animals, became deities to maintain and protect the balance.Now let me tell you a story. [ … ]

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670 - Fredrikus

A dystopian sci-fi comic about an anthropomorphic dog and his friends living in a world left behind by humans. [ … ]

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671 - Harmony

Harmony is a sentient hive of bio neural nanobots.  A story of Artificial Intelligence. [ … ]

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672 - Runaway Madness

Welcome to the United States of the World, 2092. Outpost 43, California, Homeland USW.Days before her fourteenth birthday, Dawn has a dream of how she may be able save humanity from endless war. Dawn must find the chosen llama, and sacrifice him on the ta [ … ]

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