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697 - Galactic Hustle

Galactic Hustle follows a crew of intergalactic monster hunters who have a run-in with a mysterious space traveler and set off a chain of events that change the universe.Featuring evil robots, weird aliens, and fights over pants. [ … ]

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698 - Godking War

 Godking War – The fantastic adventures of a bizarre never ending saga! Pencolz a punchy boy with superpowers came to fight and battle the opposing forces of evil…Pencolz will meet new friends and enemies, hunt for food, scavenge underground, explore [ … ]

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699 - Brainchild

Brainchild is a story about paranormal phenomena, bad first impressions, wide-scale conspiracies, a whole bunch of mutants, and everything else your senior year of college can possibly throw at you.  It is written and drawn by Suzanne Geary and updates o [ … ]

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700 - Petunia of the Manor

A peasant girl gets summoned to help save the princess's birthday party (and the kingdom, I guess) from a treacherous dragon stealing all the kingdom's sheep. Can Petunia get the sheep back in time to harvest the beets? And without her mom totally driving [ … ]

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701 - Zemara

Zemara and the Sovereign Beast is a serial adventure comic! In this first story Zemara explores a dangerous planet, while encountering scavengers, and an ancient creature many believed to be a myth. Through Zemara's skills, her faithful steed Bix, and a l [ … ]

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702 - Questant

Coen Pike; a Transport Engineer, a bachelor and dead. Awakening in a strange new world he now finds himself working to survive in his fantastical new home, and as he's joined by others similarly given a second chance at life he must find the answers to qu [ … ]

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703 - Paradoxum Tricker

When colorful sentient beings re-populate amongst human society, a sudden biological phenomenon within them is causing them to transform into eldritch entities. It’s going to take two unique individuals and their group of friends to look for answers, fo [ … ]

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704 - The Mannamong

Legends told of spirits called mannamong created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity were believed throughout the world until they faded into myths. While the mannamong maintain order in the mortal realm, the unseen spiritual realm is in disord [ … ]

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705 - Chrono Tone Force

Kaitou Aoki spends most of his time playing video games and soccer. However, he has nothing to do when he grows up. However, all of that changes when he saw a battle between fighters called "Power Warriors", so Kaitou decided to become a Power Warrior him [ … ]

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706 - Flirting for Bunnies

Actually, Usagi would have preferred to stay at home. He finds other people and fairs super boring. And actually, he doesn't believe in magic either.... So, why did he turn into a bunny again?? And why does it seem like that annoying, extro [ … ]

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707 - Ultimate Wrestle Bout

An over the top action super powered humor attitude era inspired wrestling comic with an interactive dynamic where readers can effect outcomes of events,  matches, characters and the storyline. [ … ]

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708 - Realmwalker

Gunhild Gretadottir is the Realmwalker- a human with the power to travel the 9 worlds. With her friends Thor, Sif, Loki and Ingrid, join Gunhild on an adventure through Norse and British folklore, in this highly inaccurate take on Norse mythology! [ … ]

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