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685 - Age I- Age of Darkness

In an age where darkness threatens humanity, a terrible accident forever changes the lives of the two brothers Frederick and Nigel. After three long years, they are met by a strange yet eccentric individual who seems to know a lot about their past.Follow [ … ]

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686 - The Manor's Prize

A web-comic about six guests, together in a manor, competing for an unknown prize. [ … ]

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687 - Superior Phalanx

In Capital City there are many heroes. Not many of them handle Omega Level Threats. Superior Phalanx is that line in the sand. The superhero group created to handle those threats other heroes will not touch.​Superior Phalanx is a story where nothing is [ … ]

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688 - Katran

Welcome to KATRAN. This is the Story of Nirrod, an almost normal 14 year old boy. He is living with his Family and his clan in a big village in the north of Katran. Nirrod is living his life well protected and without sorrows in the lap of his clan [ … ]

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689 - 2099

Two best friends just navigating their way through life suddenly find themselves swept away into a life of insane interdimensional adventure after they discover the Infinicron, a mysterious device of unknown origin that allows the user to travel to any re [ … ]

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690 - The Unearthly Traveler

Following a near-fatal bus accident, high school student Scout Evans finds herself in a strange predicament when she wakes up sharing her body with an alien named Seven. Now bound together for life, the two must learn to coexist, making some otherworldly [ … ]

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691 - Crimson Stars: Chains of Command

A Vampire Space Opera.Join Brigadier Takara and her motley crew of subordinates from the 170th Mechanized Brigade as they navigate the perilous labyrinth of supply issues, interservice rivalry and other fun aspects of life in the military in a galaxy wher [ … ]

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692 - Runa

Somewhere between the multiverses lies planet Jard – a weird and dangerous place. Runa, a young shapeshifter, travels this world searching for her parents – and her past… Updates every monday. [ … ]

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693 - Alab Code

They say that fate has a twisted sense of humor. Loran learns how painfully true it is after his fateful encounter with a mysterious red-eyed girl pulls him into the unseen side of the world he didn't know existed. [ … ]

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694 - Indistinguishable

A cyberpunk-fantasy adventure about the last witch on earth, her mech engineer girlfriend, and a brewing civil war. Lesbians, Mechs, Communism, and more! Updates Tuesdays and Fridays [ … ]

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695 - Questant

Coen Pike; a Transport Engineer, a bachelor and dead. Awakening in a strange new world he now finds himself working to survive in his fantastical new home, and as he's joined by others similarly given a second chance at life he must find the answers to qu [ … ]

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696 - Zemara

Zemara and the Sovereign Beast is a serial adventure comic! In this first story Zemara explores a dangerous planet, while encountering scavengers, and an ancient creature many believed to be a myth. Through Zemara's skills, her faithful steed Bix, and a l [ … ]

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