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721 - Apple and Grape

Best friends Apple and Grape have wacky misadventures in the small town of Cardinal Valleys! [ … ]

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722 - Prism World

Zoe is a 22-year old artist living in San Francisco who’s getting ready to marry the love of her life, Dmitri, when he suddenly vanishes off the face of the earth. Weeks later, Zoe finds herself thrust into a strange new world of her own. Now she has to [ … ]

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723 - Blessed Days

Despite approaching her 30s, Robin Sinclair is anything but a responsible adult, so her comfortable life turns upside down when she becomes the single mom of a half-demon child! The once quiet town gets lively with the supernatural and through a series of [ … ]

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724 - Souls Foreclosed

A story of being trans in a hostile world, falling in love, and killing many cops, priests and vampires.When the Elder Deity Lucifer was cast into a deep slumber, the world plummeted into darkness: vampires and their corrupt church conquered far and w [ … ]

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725 - Godchain

A decade ago, the Kingdom of Arkos was conquered by its neighbor, the Empire of Veturia. Despite several failed past rebellions, the younger Prince of Arkos, Ira, decides to devote his life to one last rebellion, with the fate of his homeland in the [ … ]

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726 - Kinda Weird

Aubrey has moved to LA with her friends, she is an actress now, a real professional actress, but, is she really able to handle all of this? Even when she thinks that she might be in love with her co-star Hayden?But the thing doesn't end there, that wouldn [ … ]

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727 - The Blind Bird House

This is the story of the world when the sun stopped rising. Updates Mondays, and Wednesdays. [ … ]

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728 - Papercut

Paper is a robot who loves his job. Cutler is a robot who wants to see their workplace burn. One fateful day they meet. [ … ]

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729 - Wretched Souls

Kaito is a human boy who has been coasting by on life. Sleep at home, go to school, sleep in class, go home, repeat. But today would end differently. After being woken up by his teacher, Kaito heads home. But as he takes a shortcut through an ally he come [ … ]

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730 - THE DOGS

The War between the two galactic superpowers rages on. On one side are the Freeman, moral absolutists locked in a 1930's world view. On the other is the Accordance, techno-modified super-soldiers no longer recognizable as human. The rest of the gal [ … ]

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731 - Awesoman

Content with mediocrity in an increasingly automated society, Guy Everyman's life is forever transformed one day walking home from work. A hero, Awesoman is born, through forces beyond Guy's control, he is now a super powered being, and must adjust to thi [ … ]

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732 - Reap

The elderly, despot president, of the small island nation in the Labrador sea, Kwailalilii, has expired. However, the reaper assigned to him just can’t seem to do him in. Mind you, this is not for a lack of trying, but no matter what she does, for some [ … ]

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