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733 - Lonely Universe

Travel through the known . . .and unknown universe where exotic civilizations and artificial intelligence are the norm. Discover the deepest galaxies billions of light years away and explore Earth millions of years into the future -- all through the eyes [ … ]

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734 - Apple and Grape

Best friends Apple and Grape have wacky misadventures in the small town of Cardinal Valleys! [ … ]

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735 - Blessed Days

Despite approaching her 30s, Robin Sinclair is anything but a responsible adult, so her comfortable life turns upside down when she becomes the single mom of a half-demon child! The once quiet town gets lively with the supernatural and through a series of [ … ]

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736 - Sao and the Glow of Memories

"What is the true power of memory?" This is the question that Sao must asks himself as he searches for his abducted clan. To rescue them, he'll have to brave a world on the brink of war, form alliances with outlaws and traitors, mend familial rifts, and c [ … ]

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737 - Love is… Us

Psyche, the most brilliant psychologist in the world today has trouble relaxing around people. While Eros is a well-known marriage counselor, as well as being a true lover of pleasure. How will love appears between them?  [ … ]

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738 - Godchain

A decade ago, the Kingdom of Arkos was conquered by its neighbor, the Empire of Veturia. Despite several failed past rebellions, the younger Prince of Arkos, Ira, decides to devote his life to one last rebellion, with the fate of his homeland in the [ … ]

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739 - Vegan Vampire: Dispatches from Portlandsylvania

Vlad is a vegan vampire--well, he still eats people, but wants to avoid GMOs and hormones in the blood he drinks. His ska-obsessed roommate/nephew Viktor, also a vampire, and alcoholic werewolf neighbor Lonnie get into drunken shenanigans while living (or [ … ]

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740 - Bomeo the Service Cat

A Master's student picked up a cat blanket on the street. Unknown to its Master, the blanket is alive and is always ready to offer its service! Secretly… as it cannot reveal its past! ~(=ↀωↀ=)✧~ [ … ]

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741 - Kinda Weird

Aubrey has moved to LA with her friends, she is an actress now, a real professional actress, but, is she really able to handle all of this? Even when she thinks that she might be in love with her co-star Hayden?But the thing doesn't end there, that wouldn [ … ]

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742 - The Blind Bird House

This is the story of the world when the sun stopped rising. Updates Mondays, and Wednesdays. [ … ]

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743 - Papercut

Paper is a robot who loves his job. Cutler is a robot who wants to see their workplace burn. One fateful day they meet. [ … ]

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744 - Reap

The elderly, despot president, of the small island nation in the Labrador sea, Kwailalilii, has expired. However, the reaper assigned to him just can’t seem to do him in. Mind you, this is not for a lack of trying, but no matter what she does, for some [ … ]

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