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121 - Bear Nuts

As one of the largest exhibits at the Discount Zoo, (in both size and number of inhabitants) the bears attract a lot of attention… something none of them are happy about.  Between gawking adults, jeering children, and their own rather profound [ … ]

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122 - XII: Of Magic and Muses

Willow lives in a mundane and heavily restricted school, outside of her control events trigger which cause her to quietly uncover a fantastical device. Slowly her secrets begin to cascade destroying the walls built around her. But was the device sent by f [ … ]

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123 - The Pride of Life

If you had superpowers, would you suddenly find yourself saving drowning puppies and women from burning buildings? Not Kedamono. Part coward, part idiot, and all teenager, Kedamono finds his new abilities are more of a hindrance than a help. Updates Wedne [ … ]

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124 - TDUGN - The Dracko Universe Graphic Novel

 Forced to leave her home by her guardian, a young girl by the name of Moira ends up in the custody of the Mira, respective leaders of the Draga Empire. Her arrival happens unexpectedly, several years after the deaths of four other imperial [ … ]

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125 - Cosmic Dash

Cosmic Dash is a webcomic with science fiction and space opera influences. The comic deals with a massive galaxy, The Silver Spiral Galaxy, that is being explored, but the comic derives its focus from following around Dash Kameku, and his crew-mates as th [ … ]

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126 - Love is in the Blood

Dr. Laila McCarthy is no ordinary archaeologist. In a world that is changing too quickly, she has lost touch with her Sumerian warrior past as Lamashtu, the first vampire. But…the past will bite you. [ … ]

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127 - Soul's Journey

Anrak, crown-prince of the Kingdom of Antorea, finds himself trapped in a wolf's body after running away from home. Meanwhile his country is at the verge of war with two neighbouring states. Now Anrak has to figure out the nature of his current condit [ … ]

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128 - Exiled Gladiatrix

Welcome! This is an adult webcomic named Exiled Gladiatrix! An fantasy story about Valares, a Gladiatrix warrior trying to survive in a land full of terror. This story is written by me, with use of action figures of 1/6 scale and some [ … ]

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129 - Akuma Sake

Akuma Sake is an anthropomorphic comic about a sword for hire named Akuma Sake. He is well known amongst his trade as the Drunken Demon because of his ability to blow fire after consuming alcohol. [ … ]

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130 - Shaolin Punks

Shaolin Punks is a free kids-friendly martial arts web-comic about two brothers who battle evil monsters and ancient warriors in an epic quest to save the world and earn their blackbelts. [ … ]

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131 - Badham

A webcomic about a reluctant heroine and a justice crazed crimson metallic pig that when combined become the hero guardian of Otaku City, Badham! [ … ]

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132 - Fine Sometimes Rain

Fine Sometimes Rain is a slice of life comic that follows the life of Georgia, a young woman who is trying to overcome depression and pursue her dreams in life. This isn’t to say that this comic will be about depression all the time though!! There i [ … ]

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