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85 - Bastard Galaxia

Join the battle where good and evil are meaningless and action figure sales are god.Go behind the scenes with one of the 80s greatest space villains as he tries to tread the line between villainy and marketability... [ … ]

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86 - Cleopatra in Space

 Zapped away as a teenager from her home era of 52 BC, Cleopatra VII found herself in the middle of a centuries’ long war in the far, far, really far, far future. Now she fights alongside P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. (Pharaoh Yasiro’s Research And Mili [ … ]

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87 - Zombie Ranch

 Meet Susannah Zane. She’s a rancher. She raises livestock.Only thing is, her stock isn’t technically “live”.The Great Zombie Plague wiped out a fair portion of civilization, and humans weren’t the only victims of its ra [ … ]

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88 - The Evil Life

Student. Prince. Alien. The world wants to treat them like supervillains, but they're busy trying to live their best lives. Art by Nils-Petter Norlin. Words by Nick Marino. New chapters every other Tuesday. (Find us on Webtoon too!) [ … ]

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89 - Mischief in Maytia

 A group of friends discover a portal to another world; a fantasy realm with elves and magic. There they befriend some locals and try to find their way back home.Meanwhile, a middle-aged man named Zak discovers that aliens exist when one crashes a fl [ … ]

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90 - Galebound

Conan Renaud is a stablehand and that's all he ever wanted to be... Although he would also like to be filthy rich and married to his girlfriend, Lucie. His dreams of wealth look to be within reach when Din, a Magician, comes to him with a lot of gold, [ … ]

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91 - Ragnarok: Dawn of the Heavens' Massacre

Follow four boys on a journey through a world filled with powerful immortals, celestials, gods and devils. [ … ]

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92 - The Demon Archives

 Set in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after the 3rd World War, the Demon Archives tells the survivors' stories as they struggle to rebuild civilization. In Book One, we'll meet the members of Minerva, one of the few high tech organizatio [ … ]

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93 - Light Rising

In the urban fictional country of Agalatia, it's Hrann's dream to become a "Tulilis" idol-- to sing, dance, and perform for an audience. But, as many obstacles stand in her way to success, how long is it before she cracks under the pressure? [ … ]

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94 - Zukahnaut

After years of hiding on Earth a lonely alien finally reveals himself. Can Zukah fight his own nature to redeem a wasted life? [ … ]

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95 - Love is… Us

Psyche, the most brilliant psychologist in the world today has trouble relaxing around people. While Eros is a well-known marriage counselor, as well as being a true lover of pleasure. How will love appears between them?  [ … ]

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96 - Vanguard

In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-humans defend our country's interests at home and abroad. They are the Vanguard [ … ]

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