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73 - War Between Dragons

 A human bard was bewitched and transformed into a draconian. Now He's traveling in many towns to undo his spell and recover his humanity with help of a mysterious draconian mage (Luigy), a pretty draconian girl (Mina) and a pervert but funny hum [ … ]

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74 - According to Devin

Bite-sized comics about college life and everything else in between, made by Devin from the Internet. [ … ]

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75 - 7 Souls of Cherry Hill

7 friends become trapped inside an abandoned complex with a murderous spirit who has an insidious agenda. [ … ]

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76 - Binary

 BINARY is a full colour crime / fight story webcomic.The unpopular Suun Kang has assumed control of the Organisation with other internal factions on the warpath. Tying into the events of SOUR, BINARY is a set of 8 fight stories tracing the conflict.1. D [ … ]

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77 - Above Below

Escaping from the organization he once worked for, an infectious ex-secret operative is hunted down by his former teammates to prevent the further spreading of a mysterious sentient virus seeking to possess and resurrect within a human body to destroy a c [ … ]

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78 - Megatokyo

Megatokyo, the story of two Americans trapped in a hilariously over-the-top portrayal of Japan, is one of the world's most popular webcomics. [ … ]

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79 - Robecain

A gamer gets abducted one night and wakes up with wings. Now she tries to redefine her life around her new abilities. [ … ]

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80 - On the Grind

 On the Grind is the caffeine-fueled comic that doesn't cost $4 every morning! New comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! [ … ]

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81 - Akacya: The Bounty Hunter

X21E4 (A.K.A North America) 2155.The technology is now highly advanced on Earth.The population is divided in 3 major groups.The high class, the low class and the Infected.The high class rules and control the low class withsome electronic head bands. The i [ … ]

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82 - Collectors

The love story of a husband, a wife and a comic book collection. Collectors is a sunday-style color comic strip published online every Sunday, written and drawn by Eddie deAngelini.Collectors is a Sunday style comic strip about Eddie, an average, married [ … ]

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83 - MegaCynics

The MegaCynics webcomic is a collaboration of two real-life long-lost siblings, Ash Vickers and and Steven Dengler. Born twenty years apart, and with vastly different life experiences, this is the story of two related strangers finding that they neverthel [ … ]

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84 - The Red Calaveras

The Red Calaveras is a comic about punk rockers, physics, ninjas, Hinduism, guitars, samurais, vampires, alien bounty hunters, bad ass chicks, androids, space, quantum mechanics, people from Burma and one dude with really bad grammar. Updated M/W/F it wil [ … ]

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