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61 - JL8

“JL8”, formerly known as "Little League", is a side project of “Gifted” creator Yale Stewart. A weekly webcomic, it follows the adventures of popular DC comic characters as children in elementary school. Mostly funny, wit [ … ]

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62 - Brothers

Postmasters Sprout and Oz become unlikely heroes after discovering a mysterious magic mailbox. [ … ]

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63 - Under The Flesh

 In a world ravaged by an unknown virus which only infects males, mankind´s last hope lies in a single soldier.  [ … ]

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64 - Citrusman

Citrusman- the superhero with appeal! Not enough vitamin C in your diet? Look no further than Citrusman! Protecting all from wave after wave of evil forces looking to obtain the city's power source, the Solarstone! Fruitastic superhero adventures awai [ … ]

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65 - BDSM Boys

Intimate life of Marcus and Alex - gay couple really into some pervy stuff. [ … ]

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66 - Our Home; Eternal

Styx Brooks is a young teen who has been living most of his life outside Heltown. He moved in after obtaining superpowers of his own and now not only has to deal with the issues of coming from a wasteland perceived as dangerous, but he now has to grow up [ … ]

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67 - Cosmic Connect

After being pressured by his high school crush Autumn, Xavier joins the newly released MMORPG Cosmic Connect. A world populated by cute, but vicious, creatures. [ … ]

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68 - Gifts of wandering ice

"Gifts of wandering ice" is a sci-fi story about post ice age era where ancient icebergs melt, travel with sea currents and bring curious things to the shores where people live. These things are called "gifts of wandering ice" and come [ … ]

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69 - Tuki Saves the Humans

2,000,000 years ago, a great ice age gripped the earth, trapping all moisture in the polar icecaps, causing drought and upheaval in the rest of the world. Vast tropical jungles gave way to dusty grasslands, and all living creatures struggled to survi [ … ]

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70 - Smaller Totems

An epic tale of dreams, nightmares, insanity, magic, missing children, and the legion of small, stuffed defenders who fight, and sometimes die, holding the line at the borders of dream and nightmare.Written by Roby Duncan and illustrated by lewis lain.400 [ … ]

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71 - The Adventures of Superhero Girl

Superhero Girl is a comic strip for Halifax's free weekly newspaper, The Coast. It's about the trials and tribulations of a girl superhero. Superhero Girl updates every Tuesday morning. The originals of all of these comics are for sale for the low [ … ]

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72 - Kamikaze

  KAMIKAZE In a post-apocalyptic future, feudal corporate houses hoard food and basic resources. A young freerunning* courier intent on escaping her city is unwittingly thrown into a life or death game of corporate sabotage from which [ … ]

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