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25 - Fumetsu

The manga is about the vamp, who is hand of god. That "god" is seen as benefactor but he is standing behind " heaven" and " hell". Kirie main character, from her childhood she did not know mercy only vampire's hunter took care of her when she was a [ … ]

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26 - the hell stage isekai

a deceased bandit trapped in a hidden quest called the hell stage when he have to struggle and survive this misfortune mission to get a second chance. [ … ]

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27 - Penny Arcade

 Penny-Arcade is a video game webcomic, that is published three times a week. It is one of the most popular webcomics on the web. Strips from the series have appeared in countless other comics, magazines such as Official PlayStation Ma [ … ]

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28 - Salient Caligation

Salient Caligation exists in a parallel reality of the Earth we know. The places and the people look and act the same but those dark places that scare and frighten us are much clearer, and the monsters that lurk in the dark are very real. We follow the li [ … ]

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29 - Song of Asteria

After the departure of the deep space colony vessel, UESS Pioneer from Earth in 2378 GSC, the vessel vanished into a fold space-time vortex after their fold drive was sabotaged. The Pioneer lost contact with Earth and re-emerged in another sector of the M [ … ]

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30 - XKCD

 The ultimate in geek humour, XKCD has been making jokes about PERL programming language, Cory Doctorow and heartbreak since 2005. It describes itself as a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”, suffers from som [ … ]

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31 - The Lavenders

Meet Rose Lavender: hard working senior detective with a flair for the fabulous. She’s a mom just like any other except for one thing… she’s also a vampire. All hell breaks loose when her half-vampire daughter, Darlene finally comes of age and [ … ]

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32 - Unsounded

 Some dead men tell tales, and some little girls have tails...Daughter of the Lord of Thieves, Sette Frummagem is on a mission, and she'll lie, cheat, and steal to make sure it's a success (she'll lie, cheat, and steal anyway). Condemned [ … ]

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33 - TwoKinds

After losing his memory to a mysterious battle, Trace Legacy, a former leader for an organization of mages called the Templar, finds himself in the company of Flora, a girl of strange, tiger-like qualities. As Trace gradually begins to re-learn what he on [ … ]

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34 - The Meek

 The Meek is a graphic novel about Angora, an inexperienced young girl who has been sent on a quest to save the world. War looms on the horizon, and at its helm is the Emperor of the North and his hellish adviser. The two countries are overwhelmed wi [ … ]

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35 - The Virgin Mattress Comic

 The Virgin Mattress comic is the exciting adventures of a couple who own a retail mattress store. OK, that doesn't sound very exciting, unless you consider zombies, aliens, and their whacky employee Gary.  [ … ]

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36 - Slightly Damned

Slightly Damned is about the misadventures of Rhea Snaketail, a female Jakkai who is killed at the onset of the comic. Her soul is judged by Death, and is determined to be unfit for Heaven, Hell, and even Purgatory. As a result, she is sent to the so [ … ]

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